Corgi Squishable Pre-Orders Available Again!

In case anyone is interested, the pre-orders for a Corgi Squishable are open again! YAY!!!

NOTE: squishable corgi not a valid substitute for squishing a real live corgi, fyi.

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do the squishable corgi's shed?

haha! if they're real corgis, they totally should shed!

Do real corgis squish?

sometimes i squish machete, and he tolerates me :p

Just got ours on Saturday! My wife loves it!


Got ours yesterday:)

yay, now I dont have to feel guilty anymore about getting so lucky, getting one the first time around.   :)  What does your gang think about the extra corgi in the house? 

Sadly, they are all out already!  But, if you want one, you can have your name put on their mailing list and they will let you know when they have more.  :)


Well I tried again and it said I COULD pre-order so I did.  Hopefully, it worked! 


Yep, same here, website said "very few left" I placed an order and HOPE it is shipped soon.

Hi Connie...   I was just wondering if you heard anything about your squishable because mine hasn't shipped yet and the email said it would ship within 2-3 days and that was 7 days ago :(   Can you tell I'm anxious to get it?  lol.


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