Hello! My fiance and I are looking to adopt a Corgi in the New England area. Age doesn't matter, we'd be perfectly happy with an old and wise dog. :)

If you have a Corgi, or if you know of somebody with one, let us know. 

We are willing to drive to get the dog up to 200 miles.

He/she is not a Christmas gift. We just want to share our home with a Corgi. :D

A little about ourselves: I am a graphic designer and my fiance is a Specialist at the Apple Store near us. We live in Providence near a dog park in a pet friendly victorian in a historical district. 

Thank you in advance,


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Are you looking for a pem or a cardi? There's a cute fluffy pem on petfinder near you I think.

Pem preferably. Although I did see this dog, Nanook, and I love his sweet face.

Unfortunately, I live too far away they said. :(


Are you referring to Tucker


Not sure how far away this is from you. :) 

There is also a great rescue in Eastern New York - http://www.facebook.com/groups/209027885785186/ (if you use facebook)

The breeder I got my boy Bear from has some dogs available now.  He has two from my boy's litter (so they're about 8 months old), both sweet tri-color females.  There's also two new litters that were recently born and should be ready to go in a few weeks.  You can check out the breeder's site www.bunkerhillstables.com, check for the Corgi link.  If you have any questions for me feel free drop me a line here as well. :)

You could try contacting the Mayflower corgi club as well. It looks like they only have one rescue at the moment who is 11, but they might be able to help you out. There may be breeders in the area looking to place retired show dogs as well.

These people said they are looking to adopt. I would assume they would not go to a breeder. Maybe I am wrong but hopefully they do adopt! :) This is not meant to be rude, I just get a bit annoyed when people say they want to adopt and people start sending them to breeders - when so many beautiful shelter dogs die everyday.

Breeders are often heavily involved with rescue themselves, and can point people in the right direction if there's not much readily available on petfinder or similar sites. In my experience not every dog is always listed online. And there's nothing wrong with adopting a retired show dog either IMO, they need good homes too and the new owner would have some security knowing that they have been health tested already.

That's true.. If the breeder is well recognized and truly believing in the betterment of the breed; she or he will have other suggestions in rescue and areas possibly in what you are looking for.  Some actually as Katherine is speaking of may be able to to enlighten things in suggestions.  I know of the shelters in our area; and thus many times they send people to us as well.  Some what they believe is "part" corgi isn't at all, but the benefits of both puppy through breeder and or benefits of adopting also through a shelter is different for both. 

I didn't mean to step on toes there, sorry! My breeder does do some rescue work locally and is pretty involved in the rescue community in general. When I first went to get a Corgi from him he suggested a few rescues but at the time I was looking for a young puppy.  He also works with other breeders who do occasionally have retired show dogs as well.  He's just my local Corgi source, which is why I suggested him. :)

Thank you everyone for your feedback. We decided to adopt Tucker, but there are problems.

We were told that he had heartworms but were not told about other problems, both behavioral and physical. We had to take him to a vet on Christmas Eve that we did not have a credit for through the shelter, which is where we found out about these undisclosed prior conditions. Is there anything we can do to get our money reimbursed? They say that they were not obligated to tell us anything.


I've been looking through as much information as I can about this, and it seems shelters and rescue organizations are exempt from a lot of laws requiring full disclosure about temperament and medical history.  :(  I'm no expert and have only been looking through laws and anecdotal evidence posted online, but it doesn't look too promising.

That's just awful. The worst part is that we weren't told he had tapeworms and he has been in our kitchen where we have seen him scratching his ears a lot (maybe fleas?)

By no means do we want to give him back, but I feel so stressed. Within 6 days of getting him we had to spend $300 on medical problems that were never mentioned.


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