Corgi Weight Watchers 101 ( or how we helped Soffie lose 10 pounds in 10 months )

This is a video I made for my good friend Jacki and her sweet girl Nutmeg.  But maybe it will help some of you too!  One thing I forgot to mention, is while Soffie was really "dieting" we gave her only one "treat" a day.  We stuff her kong with it and then jam the frozen green beans right into it.  And when pumpkin (NOT the pie filling) is available we use that alternately.  Only when we use the pumpkin we freeze them.  They love 'em and the pumpkin ones take longer for them to eat!

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Good job!

Just a reminder that the amount needed to lose is not the amount needed to maintain; I made the mistake with Jack of not realizing he was down to where I wanted him and did not up his amount of food. He got too thin at one point. So once they reach their target, their food amount should be increased by 20% or so to maintain the weight you want.

If dieting a dog is hard, try dieting a cat. :-( They won't eat handfuls of low-calorie food like pumpkin or green beans. Poor Boo gets 3 tablespoons of kibble in the AM, 3 tablespoons of kibble in the PM, and about an ounce and a half of canned food once a day.

It looks so sad in her bowl.
Yes, good point and thanks Beth!

What I actually did was change from the "healthy weight" food to a food with a higher calorie count, and kept with the same measurement. It seems to have given the same effect for maintaining their weight.

Good luck with Boo!!! I only know how hard it is to resist those big "corgi sad eyes" I imagine it must be just as tough with a cat, Yikes!!
My favorite part is the audience watching carefully from under the table....the nose watching her every move.
I enjoyed your "how too" video! So, you give them the green beans frozen? And they like them - frozen?
yup.... frozen, right from the bag. In fact, we tried to give Soffie a "treat" when we had some nice fresh from the garden ( not our garden .... but a farm stand) green beans. Dawn tossed it to them.... Griffyn (of course) gobbled it right up! Soffie..... chewed it around, sqwuinched up her nose and SPIT IT OUT!!! and looked up at Dawn as if to say.... "yuk!!!" : ) And as you can see in the video, they both love 'em just the way they are, right out of the bag!
Yes, they clearly do love them - and both of your corgis look so good - not overweight at all!


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