Bento's whiskers are two-toned.  One side is black and the other side is white.  It's been like this since he came to us at 8 weeks.  Is this common?  Is it a corgi thing?  I've been around other dogs before, but I've never noticed dog whiskers until Bento's, and I don't remember other dog's whiskers as two-toned.

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Chubby's so cute!  What a sweet face! Are the black whiskers on Chubby's skin where the fur is red?  I noticed that Bento's black whiskers are on the red side of his snout, while the white whiskers are on the white side.

My Sophie is a tri colored and hers are black on the red side and white on the white side also.  So by all the responses it sounds like it is rather common.


Jack's are also black on one side and white on the other.  

I just checked Maddie's because I could picture it either way, and the reason I couldn't remember is hers are mixed on each side.  One side has more black, the other has more white, but she has a mix of both on each side.

Then my theory that the black whiskers correspond with red fur and white whiskers correspond with white fur is wrong.  I wonder if there is a pattern.  Like if most corgis have black whiskers or white whiskers.  Or maybe having mixed whiskers is the dominent trait.

Jack's muzzle is all white.  

Snickers' are mostly white with some black by the corner of her mouth.

Awww, just look at those eyes! 

As for Snicker's whiskers, the few black one are on the red fur section.  Maybe there is something to the theory of white whiskers on red fur and black whiskers on white?  

Ellie has a mix with mostly black on one side and all white on the other.  For her, it seems that the black whiskers are present on her red fur and the white whiskers are on her white fur, but I might be wrong.  I'll have to check later and maybe get a picture.  :)

Mowgli is a brindle Cardigan> Most of his whiskers are in the white area on the front part of this muzzle but, on the sides, where he has the brindle coloring, the whiskers are black. He's still wondering why I inspected his muzzle so carefully!

Seanna's are like that too!!

our pups seem to have black whiskers where their fur is black and while where it's white.


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