Where could I get Olive some winter clothing, like a sweater or a jacket? She's 1, and 20lbs. Just for when it's cold and windy!

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It might be a tad bit hot to wear a sweater / jacket in Florida winter. If you're looking for fashion, there's customized Ralph Lauren sweater to el-cheapo Old Navy. If you're looking for function, there's REI. Remember dogs cannot sweat like human, pick something that repels the elements yet maintain air flow.


It's 13F this morning in Toronto Canada, Mocha & Vienna insisted on their birthday suit :)

We like the sweaters, easy to get on and off.  The are soft and the boys don't seem to mind wearing them.  Like Sam said they really don't need much.  I only use the sweaters if they are going to be out for a long time and it is in the low 30's

We got Charlotte a little jacket at Pet Supermarket.  But any pet supply store (ie Petco, Petsmart, etc) should have something cute for Olive!  I heard puppies get colder than adult dogs that's why we got her a little jacket.  Stanley (2 years old) loves feeling that cool air blowing through his fur!


@Sam, don't you know we're going down to the 20's tonight!  That's cold for us Floridians!!!

Rosie and Rocky go out when it's -30 wind chill with nothing but their own fur and are fine!! We don't leave them out long when it's that cold but come on people. These are herding dogs, meant to work outside in all weather. Rocky and Rosie pant when we are on a walk and it's in the teens!!! A little common sense about length of time outside and corgis are fine in the cold and wet. The only time I put a coat on Rosie was after Rosie had shoulder surgery and they shaved her entire shoulder down to the skin and under her belly. I made her a fleece blanket, like a horse blanket, so we didn't have to mess with the sore shoulder. I was worried about frost bite on that bare skin since it was -20 in Feb that year after her surgery in Feb. Rocky would not be impressed with a coat.



It has snowed more than a foot since Christmas here in the Commonwealth of Virginia!  My dogs get this serious Spitzhund mentality in the snow.  We do short forays outside with brisk towelling inbetween.  Linus, the fluffers, gets snow pearls stuck to his coat.  I doubt that these three would tolerate clothing.
What's up with the snow pearls; Jon - my fluff - gets those, too.  His are more like walnuts though.  I pull them off and he eats them.  :)  Mine certainly don't act like cold bothers them, but heat sure does.

In Florida?  I've actually considered dog clothing for the Washington Cascades, but what I want most is some kind of sun shade for summer above timberline.  They wilt in the heat.

So pretty. I can definitely see the spitz influence in your pem vs. my cardis.
Looks like a very serious hiker in this one, I hear, "I can do it, I can reach the summit - I bet they'll be snacks at the summit - mmmm snacks!"
yeayea, double coat, panting, etc.  I understand all that.  She'll barely go outside to go too the bathroom, staying by the house and then sprinting indoors when done.  And she looks at us like we're nuts and walks away when we suggest going for a walk, and tries to turn around if we do indeed get her outside.  Very stubborn Olive, lol.  Since it's been cold (and the humid Florida cold is nasty thick this year so far...) she's also taken to wiggling under our blanket with us, or crawling underneath the pillows.  We just thought maybe a little sweater/jacket for the outside occasions wouldn't hurt as long as she's not frapping for hours in it.

Speaking as a Wisconsin human, let me extrapolate <---------using big words proves I am human.

Born and raised in Wisconsin I am accustomed to cold. Heavy coated corgis are good for cold temps.

Being a whiny princess, I hate the wind, wind-chill, sleet and all related precipitation, and make sure my outer clothing is water/windproof. I always wear boots.  Being a puppy, a young corgi may object to other aspects of weather than just the temp.

Therefore, go for waterproof, lightly lined, perhaps a thin fleece lining. Even Florida can have it's winter primadonnas! Just ask my Florida relatives who visit here without even a warm pair of socks. Don't even ask about my Jamaican relatives!

As for fluffy ice balls, my springers gets ice balls between the toes. It seems to be a springer thing, having to do with the type of hair they have + the temp and humidity. Sometimes they need boots, sometimes not. Do fluffies have this same type of hair between the toes, or all over? Does it only happen at certain temps and humidities? I would love to hear, since I have been trying to figure out how best to deal with the springer issue.

Another serious issue to consider with Olive is.........just how darn cute are the little clothes?

Hi!  Fluffies have a softer, less coarse strand of hair.  The standard coated corgi (remember that the fluffy coat is a serious breed standard fault) does have two distinct coats and there is almost no differentiation in the fluffy coat.  Linus' fur grows fast between his toe pads and requires clipping or he loses footing on the hardwood floor.  The snow balls up under his arm pits and if I'm not relatively proactive in toweling him, his coat would remain clammy.  Much less work on Bear and Tasha - just attack briefly with towel....  We hate to see this snow go....it was a wonderful two days at the house! 


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