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Well winter weather is almost here and I am going to visit family in Chicago. Well its an hour outside of Chicago, a little suburb, but close enough. I am currently living in TN. 


I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions at all. I am planning on getting a jacket and scarf for Ein, but I wasn't sure if I should get booties or not, not to mention which kind would be best.

I am driving up with my mother, who also has a Corgi, Lily. And we are bringing two other dogs, they are both min pin mixes, and we will DEFINITELY have to have jackets for them. They can get really cold. 


I wasn't sure if anyone had any ideas on really good sites or brands. And I wasn't sure that if I don't get booties, what the best thing to do after they come inside. I think the obvious would be to wipe their legs and paws (and bellies) with a towel. 


Other than that, the only other thing I can think of is trimming Lily down, well as least her belly. 

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My family has always had bigger dogs, and this is Ein's first super cold Chicago Christmas.

As of this writing I have found a website called Baxterboo.com   It looks promising. 



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Hi I live up in the mountains of colorado & just got a tin of excel paw protector from amazon... (helps prevent paw damage/conditions paws...

Shoes always fall off for me anyway if its so cold that the dogs paws will crack I think its to cold for them to be out more then 1 hour at a time... I do have a coat but mainly just for the mornings... You will be surprised how much fun they will have playing in the snow- my new little guy just pushes his face along in it;))) Have a lovely time

If he's going to be inside most of the time I wouldn't even bother with a jacket for Ein. I live in Wisconsin and my two do just fine in the winter without any extra gear, they love the snow.

I live in Minnesota and have a corgi, he loves the snow and cold. I do not use coats or boots. Hecules likes to go out and just lay in the snow, dig in the snow and just run in it.  Corgi + snow = love

I live near two lakes in NY and we always get tons of lake effect snow and cold weather (we're talking below zero without wind chill once it's January/February).  Yuki has never needed a coat (though he does this year because his hypothyroidism caused his fur to fall out) and Ellie has been unaffected by what little cold weather we've already had.  Corgis have a double coat (a coarse outer coat and a very dense/soft under coat) and don't need extra gear unless they are missing fur or have a condition that would otherwise call for extra prep.  I would recommend saving yourself the trouble (and extra money) and not get a coat.

Yep, I agree with the no coat or boots. We live in North Iowa and 30 below wind chill with blowing snow on top of ice is not uncommon. Rosie and Rocky love to play in the snow. They plow themselves paths and come in panting! Wipe their feet off when they come in and be sure to get the snowballs out from between their toes and wipe their bellies also. If they are covered with snow, towel it off and they will be fine. We do limit time outside when it's really cold and have a rug for them on the front porch so they don't have to sit on the cold concrete while waiting to come in. We go to GA for Jan and Feb and they have no problems adjusting back to the cold and snow. They just charge outside and race through the snow. Corgis are tough and their coats are made for nasty weather. The min pins will need coats. They shake when it's 70 degrees!! If Lilly is a fluffy, maybe trimming her belly hair would be good, just don't skin her! Get the snowballs out of her coat when she comes in or she will drown you when the snow melts!

Tell me if I am out of line but Ein is a dog and is well equiped to be in the cold weather. No clothing is required. My Dino loves the cold and hot but not for extreme amount of time. It it okay for him to go outside, he has two layers of fur.

Wow all of your suggestions are really great! I had no idea about the excel paw protector and will have to check that out. As for the Corgi's they should be fine. I still want to get a little scarf. I am going to a Christmas Parade and Ein will be riding on the float. Yes I am totally up for dressing Ein in costumes. Over Halloween we placed 3rd for one contest and 1st for another. He was such a great sport, and LOVED his goodie bag!

Thanks so much for your suggestions, but don't hesitate to reply. I feel others who have other types of dogs as well as corgi's could benefit from the information that is provided on this thread! Thanks again!

The only thing I would worry about is if you walk the dogs where salt or de-icing chemicals have been put down (for example on sidewalks by stores, parking lots, etc.).  I look for crystals on the ground and avoid walking there, but if you have to walk in these areas, or if you're ot sure, rinse the paws in water when you get home. For the Mini-Pins get coats that have a sleeve, so the chest is fully enclosed.  My Mini-Doxie always needs coats and, if I have the room, I add a layer of fleece and sew it inside the top part of her coat for extra warmth....

Boots don't stay on corgi's their conformation (dwarfy) they come off! I only tried them with an injured paw! What a few have recommended is Musher's secret it is for sled dogs it's in a small jar and you put it on their feet like a conditioner protect their paws from ice and snow.. I am with the group that they are well equipped for snow! No coat or boots! Have fun your baby will love the cold!

I live in Iowa.  Are you going to be outside alot?  If you're just going to be out to potty, then don't worry about either.  My corgis are fine.  If it's really cold, then they just don't stay out as long.  But both like to roll in the snow, dig in it, run their nose in it, and then just lay it.  They let me know when they are ready to come in.  Of course, if its really cold, (below 15 degrees or a bad wind chill), then I make them come in early.  But overall they love it.


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