Does anyone have any experiences with newborn babies and corgis? Are they jealous or very accepting of a new pack member??

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There is an artice on Wendt Worth Corgis page under blogs that you might find useful!
My first corgi, Phoebe, I got right after my second son was born. I never had any serious problems with her. Her motherly instincts kicked in and that baby became hers. The only problem I had was when he started crawling she would herd him around the house. At first it was funny but after awhile my son would get frustrated and hit her. My corgi now, Maggie, I got when my last son was 15 months and he is her pack leader. Again Maggie's motherly instincts kicked in and if that child is crying or upset she comes and gets me. She sleeps beside his crib until I go to bed. There is a really good section in Cesar Milan's book about how to introduce babies and dogs. I have all his books and recommend them to everyone.
Aww, that's so cute, looks like you have a mother's little helper!
Those stories are so darling!
The real question is how do you want them to be? You can show them exactly how you want them to treat your new baby, and as long as you enforce the rules clearly and consistently, corgis can learn to be gentle and respectful. On the Dog Whisperer, Cesar had a family restrict their two dogs from the baby's room for a few weeks to show them they needed to give the baby space. And as a side note, dogs don't really experience jealousy....that's a human emotion. They will challenge authority if they see a weakness in it, but if they have a good pack leader, dogs will contentedly accept a "lower" position in the pack. In fact, I read recently that dogs in lower positions tend to be happier and more relaxed than pack leaders!
A very good set of suggestions! Though I'm not sure I agree about the lower pack positoning thing Oo, but then Ive never had any direct experience with that part of it.
I know that my parents dog for a fact gets both jealous and embarrassed. I agree that corgis can learn anything though.
Agreed! I know that Juneaux can get jealous, but not in an aggressive way, but in a "don't pet him, only me" way, lol! And she definitely gets embarrassed when she jumps on the chair and misses--poor baby, lol!
It's all in how you set it up. The training is up to you. For my classes, I suggest getting a doll baby. Sleep with the clothes so the dog associates your scent with the baby. And get a cd of baby sounds. We carry them at PetSmart or I'm sure you can find one online. The dog's not used to the crying or cooing sounds. The cd will help him get used to them. If you have questions, you can always write me. (Oh and WendtWorth has wonderful stuff on the website. Do check it out.)
Thanks for all the advice and suggestions:)


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