Hi everyone - I just got accepted into this group and needless to say, I am THRILLED!  What a wonderful community of people and Corgs.  I just adore my Arthur, he is a bundle of joy, energy and is sometimes a little devil with how smart and clever (errr... sneaky) he can be. 

I have taken back to running/jogging and given the energy level of Arthur and he is just a little over one year old, I want to take him out with me.  He can easily run/jog a mile right now.  What are your experiences going longer distances?  He is a water lover too so to cool off, he plops his body right down in the lake whenever I let him on our jogs.  He looks like heaven just opened up when he plops down.

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Hi Denise, welcome to MyCorgi.com. My Vienna is very much like your Arthur, she is a runner and loves the water. Check Arthur's paw pads frequently, avoid walking / stepping in water / puddles. My Mocha on the other hand is not a runner and get his pad injured easily even from a 5 mile walk. We use Musher's secret, a must for paw protection, it also works great in snow and sand. Make sure you stop for drinks every 15min. Have fun!

Thanks Sam!  We get a ton of snow here in Minnesota so your Musher's secret recommendation is something I have on my "must do" list.  :)

hi Sam,, i too love this site,, what a great place,, Corgi's are different little guy's and gal's, i have a question Sam . or anyone, what should i look for on Remy's pad's ,,when he runs hard he is in the grass and small puddles where the water has collected 

Our Chepstow is a runner also. The only problem is he was born with his "I'm tired" button broken.  We have to force him to rest.  I really think he would run and swim until he passed out.  So.... even if Arthur doesn't seem tired, make him rest Chepstow always looks so mad when we haul him in the boat, house or any where else and make him rest.  Sometimes we are forced to put the leash on and make him stop, his tongue dragging on the ground is our clue.  He isn't a hyper dog, loves to be a couch potatoe.  But put him in the lake, throw is ball, take him for a walk/run and he is ready to go.

I should probably add that our southern humidity and heat is a factor also.

Chepstow is an adorable name!  I keep thinking that joining this group was one of the best things I have ever done.  I really appreciate that corgs don't show how tired they are - that is Arthur.  And... he looks like he could shoot me dagger eyes for hours if I make him slow down.  He has his tongue dragging too.  It actually goes side ways when he is tired.  Thanks!

Franklin loves to go on runs. He has an overheating condition so I always have to take him near water where he can cool off. I tend to keep him off leash so he can pace himself and dunk himself in the river whenever he feels like it. I think as long as their growth plates are closed (which I think they would be if he was over a year), they are ok to go running. Just keep an eye on his paw pads and make sure you stop for rest and water, corgis are so exhuberant they can forget that they need to take a break every now and then.

So true - Corgis are so exuberant!  That is Arthur all the way.  I have read several posts on their paw pads so I will definitely watch.  I have a yellow lab who can't run any longer and used to be my running partner.  His paw pads are so thick that there wasn't much to worry about.  I will definitely watch Arthur's as until I read all this good advice, I never thought of that.  Thanks!

I don't run with Seanna, but one of my neighbors had a corgi and he'd always run at night with theirs.  They'd run 3 miles or more, and his little guy would be right there by him chugging along, loving every minute of it.  Welcome to MyCorgi!

Arthur with his beautiful corgi grin ready to do a short run before tomorrow's race!

I wish my Pancake would run! He just turned 10 weeks and he does not like the outdoors much. I take him out all the time to potty but he always want to go right back in. He doesn't even like walks. He puts up a fight the whole way and we barely go to the end of the sidewalk. The weird thing he, he will run all the way back home. Once I feel like he won't move forward anymore I ask him if he wants to go inside and he will usually bolt in the direction of the house running the whole way.

Any tips on getting my pup to learn to love walks and eventually runs when he gets older? 

Pancake is just a baby.  He must feel some insecurity as he walks outside.  Are there any dogs barking or sudden noises?  Arthur definitely did the "Corgi butt plop" when he was little and refused to move any more.  Even now he can turn and look at me as we run like I am crazy and if I don't slow down, he will force the issue!  :)

Any suggestions for helping him actually walk during our walks?


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