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I'm very envious of everyone out there getting their Corgin lovin. I too hope to share that joy soon. I would like to know if anyone has breeders suggestions for Northern California. I've called most of the SF area breeders and received no response. Perhaps they don't have pups at the moment. However, I would love the opportunity to talk with a seasoned Corgi owner or breeder. 

Please note that I read Beth's post on "So you think you want a Corgi" and taken it to heart. My husband and I have discussed the points in Beth's post and believe this is dog for us...So please, if you have a referral, share it. Thanks!!!

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Mai - super random but my Stumpy is one of the corgi pups from these postings! :)

We got Chloe from Terry Hanson in Marysville, near Sacramento.  Unless there is a dog show the weekend of Corgi Faire in Dixon you will may be able to get some resources there. 

Hi Molly and Isabella,
I've left a few messages Ann Marie. However, no response yet but I'll keep trying. I have looked into Rebecca Lane's Corgis but she not excepting Pembrokes until 2014. I don't know if I can wait that long ; )
I'm sure she'll get back to you. I believe this is a busy time of year. :o) I know what you mean about not wanting to wait until 2014! When we got Isabella, I was so lucky to get her as quickly as I did. I was planning to have to wait a good year, but she was home with us in one week!
Not that is just not fare! I dont' know how much longer my husband is going be able endure me going up to Corgis owners and asking them questions and inquiring about where they got their dog. It seems that once your locked onto them, you see them everywhere.

I see you have a cat. How does the cat like the Corgi? We have two young cats and that is one of main reasons why I'm interested in a pup.
Isabella and the cat play well together. They take turns chasing each other! It's cute. I wouldn't say they are the best of friends, though. They don't snuggle up or hang out together. They pretty much mind their own business except for chasing each other in play. They'll do that a few times a day. Lucky for the cat that she can jump to higher ground when she's had enough. She's only swatted at Isabella a few times, but never hurt her.

We got Zoey (our black headed tri) from Potter Farm Corgis in Kelseyville, CA. Shiela was awesome in helping us to pick the right puppy as an addition to our family. We already had Bailey (our male) who was 7 at the time, so finding a puppy that he would except was crucial. All of her dogs are well loved, well tempered, and well beautiful...they are corgis!!! She is very sweet to her brood and all of them get ample lap time so are very social!!

Shiela was great in folowing up with us to see how things were going and gave some great advice. obviously we love Zoey and she has been a GREAT addition to our family! Now if I can just get my hubby to agree to a third one....;)

Sorry I don't have her contact info handy but I am sure you can look them up on-line. They only have puppies once in a while, so I would inquire soon!

Let me know how it goes and welcome to the Corgi Family!!!!


Thank you Cheryl, I'm glad to be in the Corgi Family. I've checked the Potter Farm website and it appears they did have pups as recent as September. I'll be giving Shiela a call tomorrow.

Other good news, I actually spoke to a breeder in Shingle Springs yesterday as well as sent her email about our family. It appears we are a potential good Corgi owners. I'm now on the wait list. Pups to be born mid-November. However, who knows how many will be made available as pets. 

Karla, So glad you are calling Sheila at Potter Farms and she has pups!!!! Good luck!

If you go out to her place you have to ask to see Dudedad! He is the most beautiful sable fluffy I have ever seen. Of course I am biased...My male is a fluffy and IS the most beautiful red fluffy I have ever seen!! lol!

Dudedad, huh? I'll be sure to ask to see him. Her pups are all spoken for but she has a friend who has one of Shiela's dam who just had pups. I'll find more about there availability next week. I'll keep the Corgi Crew updated. Thanks everyone!

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Was this Rocky L Ranch? I spoke to her a few times about her puppies, and while I didn't end up getting one of hers, she's the one that referred me to Brynayr, where I got Ein. She was very nice and helpful! 


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