Okay. I took Romeo out today for a walk after dinner like always. When he sees other dog's poop in the grass (HATE IT. People have no respect to PICK IT UP!!) he smells it and walks away. THIS TIME he ate one!!!!! He ate another dog's POOP! That area was dark so i couldn't see what was on the grass, but as soon as I saw him having something in his mouth i put my fingers inside and he growl at me. I still put my fingers and realize it was POOP!! I told him to drop it but he wouldn't, he ate it. (still working on the word drop) I took him straight home and washed his teeth like no tomorrow. I was wondering if that ever happen to you and what you did.

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It's good to see you on here again. You said you don't have either of your corgis anymore? What happened to Max? :( I hope I'm not intruding...
Shiro once grabbed a dry dog turd and was trying to run away with it he found a treasure. He didn't eat it though, maybe becuase he didn't get a chance.
He used to launch for goos poop like it was caviar when he was a puppy, but he stopped doing it. Cat poop is still interesting to him. There's one place on our walk where that poop has been forever. He always pulls in that direction, drives me nuts.
Teach him leave it command, I found it's easier for them to give something up before they put their mouth on it. As soon as you see he's way too interested in something just say leave even though it might be nothing. Better safe than sorry.
ALL of my Corgis have been 'reclyclers'. My first would enjoy kitty crunchies right out of the box too! Try controlling THAT. My sister put a cat door in her bathroom door to keep her dog out of the litter box buffet! Anyway, my first two Corgis, both males, outgrew the obsession by the time they were 2. Tulip is 8 months and I hope and pray she outgrows it too. I tried all sorts of pills and powders that never worked. I never tried pineapple, and I also heard that may work. In the meantime... UGH BLECH GROSS
Unfortunately our corgi eats his own stool.
The weird thing is, he won't try and eat his stool when he poops outside on the grass. He does not even look back at his poop.
But when he is inside his playpen and drops one on his UGODOG, he'll start sniffing and playing and eventually nibbling. We were watching him to confirm because we couldn't believe that he actually held his poop until after we came home from work.
Ew, I caught Wrigley eating out of my cat's litter box today. I almost threw up. I'm not sure what I can do to stop that. :(
LOL Maria and Shiro comment is so funny. I wish i know who the poop owner is so i can leave them a bag full of POOP.
Maybe I'm lucky, Rockstar will normally turn his nose up at dog poop; however, cat poop is another story. Rockstar shamelessly eats cat poop or deer poop (or other random poop). I don't find it so amazingly gross, granted it is a bad thing for disease-spreading reasons, because I grew up on a farm. Just try to avoid the situation. Rocky isn't allowed near the cat box anymore, and we work on "leave it" when we're outside. (You can do this using tempting things like treats)


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