What's the verdict here? I'm hearing mixed things from people.
Atlas is the ultimate velcro dog, he has to be with me, at all times. If I get up to go to the bathroom, he comes in with me, if I'm doing the dishes, he lays on the floor touching my legs, he will not stay in a room unless I'm in there with him.

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My dog Charlie is like this where she has to know where I am at all times. If I leave the room, she has to come with me. If I go to the bathroom she has to be there. If I lay on the couch, or sit in a chair, she has to be against the chair or couch. Sometimes she gets too hot and lays in the hallway, but she has to look at me the whole time. When I'm walking around in the room her eyes are glued to me! I feel bad sometimes, but I guess that's just how she is. I love her and would rather she follow me around than ignore me lol
Atlas stares at me all the time too, it's very strange as I've never had a dog that does this. When he was a puppy when I would walk him he would sometimes get fussy on the walk and start jumping on me until I'd lean down and he'd give my face a couple licks and then he'd be fine again. He has always really liked faces.
Charlie does that too. She loves licking faces, of course not everybody likes getting their face licked though haha. I do believe that most of the time while on walks though, Charlie tries to run until she runs out of energy and I hold the leash so she can't go very far but she still tries to run and it looks like she's going in slow-motion. Then she'll sit there until I give her some attention. But even on walks, she always has to look back at me to make sure I'm still there. If I don't check in with her every now and then, she comes over and gives me a little wookie noise as if to say "HEY pay attention to me :("
Lola is a velcro dog indeed! Lily is only 4 months but is never far behind, even though she seems to be a little more adventurous than I remember Lola being at her age.. Lola still barely leaves my side! =]
Freya will follow me. She'll hang out in the kitchen and that is only because there is a possibility for her to hoover whatever fell on the floor. She always tries to sit on my foot too. She follows me to the bathroom and that's only cause she gets a chewie or play time before I hope in the shower. It also the time for massive brushing!

Other than that, she doesn't really care if I'm there or not. She doesn't whine, she's got things to do! I wanted a dog that wouldn't be too clingy or too independent. I got one that is right in the middle and that's awesome. I don't have to worry about her being destructive just because I'm not there, she's just destructive cause she gets bored at times.
My baby girl Lola is always near me, follows me from room to room. She is very affectionate and loves her "Mom"
They definately seem to be that way. Our little one has to be with one of us. I think for a while there we were ALWAYS with him and it made him a little more dependant on our company. If he could hear us outside he wouldnt play with the other dogs and would just bark by the door waiting for us to come get him. We started trying to get him to be a little more independant and its working. He still lays on our feet and wants to be near us, which is totally fine, Corgis are a loyal breed and tend to be very attached to their family, but we want to make sure he can have fun and feel ok when we cant be right next to him. When we shower he lays by the door, and he lays at my feet when I am getting ready for work and cooking, he also sits in the bathroom when I am using the restroom. One thing I love is that he will lay under the dinner table but not even bat an eye at our food. When I am working out, he is laying next to me and if I am playing with my family members he wants to play too, which is to be expected. Kyuubi will go into another room, if he desires... for example.. he will go into the kitchen and lay on the tile where it is cool if I am in the living room watching a movie or something, but its usually in a spot where we are in his view.
hmm...Pa'ani used to be like that. He used to have to go into the bathroom with me, he even used to hop in the shower with me when he was a puppy. I think hes grown out of it now. Its only every once in a while that hes actually followed me into the bathroom, it seems he likes his space. I miss him being around but, hes his own little doggie now! So, maybe Atlas will grow out of it, enjoy it while you can.
oh definately velcro puppy... favorite will follow me around unless she is chasing cats. she thinks i always have cookies in my pocket or we are going bye bye
Our Monty is definitely a velcro dog (he is snuggled by me now as I work on my laptop from home). As much as I love it and enjoy it as I do work from home and like the company, I am a bit concerned too. I went away last weekend and left him home with daddy. While he loves his daddy he stresses when I leave him behind. He doesn't eat well and just spends his days looking out the window or if gated in the kitchen just lays by the gate waiting for me. I do have to travel every three months or so for work and I always feel guilty that he is stressed out at home. Is there anything I can do to take his mind off it and be more calm when I leave?
Viva is the same! I thought it was funny that you mentioned that Atlas is at your legs when you do the dishes. Viva is always at my feet in the kitchen and only goes to bed when I'm going to sleep.
Leo was a velcro dog when I first got him. Followed me everywhere all the time. As he got older he became more independent but still spent most of his time near me (in the same room in the house). Randy became a velcro dog soon after I brought him home, he is attached to me and Leo. The boys usually nap right next to me and both like being in whatever room I am in. They do both play outside even when I am home and in the house...so the velcro does loosen up sometimes.


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