i have a rancher friend who is looking for a new puppy.  She'll buy from a good breeder but is torn between corgis and border collies. Currently, her place has 7 horses, 22 cats (all outside and fixed) a JR in the house, a rescued Border collie and a very ancient dalmation, also a rescue. The dogs have a HUGE run, fenced in, and are well cared for but not taken on walks.  They play some fetch and get to run behind a golf cart a lot.


So, any advice on which breed might be best? The rescued BC is very, very shy and runs away a lot.  The care is excellent and they'll hire a trainer to come and work with all of them when the new puppy arrives.  Very caring and good with all the animals.



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Tell them to check out Scott Wiley's page:
My family has a "Borgi" (border collie/corgi) named Bear and he is just fantastic.  Best of both worlds! He's great with our horse, and is very smart and loyal.  http://www.mycorgi.com/photo/mr-bear-age-7-now?context=user
Corgis are naturals with horses, at least what I've seen.  It's a tough choice...how about one of each!  I know, not helpful.  I guess I'd opt for the corgi, but I am biased.
Having been around Blue heelers, Borders, Aussies and Corgis all of my life, I would go for the Corgi. BC need something to do everyday, or they will go find things to do which is not usually good for anyone. There are some that are calmer and less apt to start looking for things to do, but my experience with them is they need to be either at work or kenneled. The reason that I prefer Corgis is they will work with me all day long no matter if we are working cattle or fencing, they want to be with you, even if you are going into town. At night they become house dogs, they offer the best for both a working partner and a good companion. My dad had a BC/Corgi cross that was a really good dog and I know a breeder in South Dakota that crosses them. Maybe she should compromise and get a cross.


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