It appears that Corgis love wearing clothes.  Or at least we assume our Corgis love wearing clothes and make them wear things.  :)  Do you have pictures of your pups in clothes?  This doesn't even have to be Corgi related!  It can be about your other kiddos too!


We wore this one for a little bit before she got her new fancy green and purple knitted sweater from her Grandmother.  :)


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Franklin HATES wearing clothes. If you put them on him he freezes and won't move and growls really quietly under his breath. Its pretty funny. My chihuahua however loves them and has a bigger wardrobe than me!!!

and while we are torturing the dogs, we may has well let the cats in on the action!

hahahahaha  I have thought about putting a sweater on my cat.  In the long run, I think he would like it, but he would probably kill me before he realized that.  I need to get some new pictures of Molly in her new sweater.  :)  He is my kitty, even though he doesn't have clothes on... just for people who are wondering.


Great pictures by the way!!


Gosh, the kitty is pretty! 

Poor kitty.  I have a short-haired twin to this who would scratch my eyes out before she'd let me dress her. :)

I don't usually dress my dogs but this was a humane society fundraiser!

HA! I love the expression in the second photo! Priceless!

Muahahaha  That's fantastic!

I love this picture!  The hoodie is super cute.
I had made a mideval ferret toy for a friend of mine, and the cape looked like it would fit my cat Griz...

I LOVE it!  :)  The cat looks pleased that everyone has understood the royalty behind feline life.  lol

Well, he is the king of the house. He convinced the former household dogs to pet him. :)

That's fantastic!  :)  My cat boxes with my Corgi.  haha


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