It appears that Corgis love wearing clothes.  Or at least we assume our Corgis love wearing clothes and make them wear things.  :)  Do you have pictures of your pups in clothes?  This doesn't even have to be Corgi related!  It can be about your other kiddos too!


We wore this one for a little bit before she got her new fancy green and purple knitted sweater from her Grandmother.  :)


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Does this count? (Tigger prefers bags to clothes.)

My daughter made Lulabelle wear the cheesy bandana (below) for weeks; crazy cat didn't notice.

Love everyone's fur baby photos!

Cats wearing hats! Does she look impressed or what...all the pics are so cute!

Ha!  I feel like she should be in an 80s music video!

Of course it counts!  Tigger is a resourceful kitty!  Lulabelle just felt shnazzy, that's why she didn't care.  haha

I have an 11 year old, so of course all the furbabies get dressed......

also the kitties....

Oh I love the Mrs. Claus look with the red/white!

Oh my gosh! I have a kitty that looks just like her! Is she deaf?

No indeed. Fully functional! She is the real life incarnation of my daughter's imaginary friend. "a small white kitty with blue eyes." she was very hard to find, but pet finder came through!

They don't even look like they mind.  They need a pitcher of sun tea, some danishes, and a couple of straw hats... lol

oh not at all! they hate hats, but don't mind the dresses at all! they wore them for Halloween too, and to a festival (Pets and pumpkins) with no problem...


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