Wondering what size wire crate you guys use for your adult corgis? Archie is 27 lbs, 26 inches from nose to nub, and his cage is 30in long by 19 in wide. When he has to be in it for any length of time I wonder if he is comfortable, and has enough room to stretch out and sleep how he'd like. He sleeps all sprawled out when he's loose in the house, but in his crate it doesn't seem as if he's comfortable enough, or doesn't have enough room to.

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Both of my guys have 36" crates and they seem pretty comfy.
Thanks Jane, I was looking at them online today I think we need to upgrade. Lord knows they love to sprawl out when they snooze!!!
Depends. Some of mine like to curl up and a 30" is fine for them, but if you have a dog such as my Moose or Eddie, they much prefer the 36". Also depends on if its a home crate or travel. If it's a travel crate, from experience including car accidents, a smaller crate is safer.
its home, i have a plastic smaller crate for travel. he's a sprawler so I'm leaning toward the 36"
36" is the way to go. I bought a 30" when Cody was a pup and he out grew it.
Found this guide on Overstock: For proper sizing, determine your dogs potential FULL GROWN ADULT size, then choose a crate 4 inches taller and 4 inches longer than your dog
Mine have 36" crates also they are in there while I'm at work so I wanted some with plenty of space =) I got 1 at a yardsale for 10 dollars and the other one for free off of craigslist. These size crates are expensive! So if you look around you can find some good deals =)
Walmart of all places actually has some decent crates for pretty cheap. I actually have 3 crates from there now that I think about it...

This is the plastic kennel I use for Luke which I've been very happy with so far, I think it was less than $60.


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