I'd like to know what size and what kind of crates you all have for your full sized pembrokes. My little Ein will be 5 months old tomorrow and she's growing like a weed. We have 2 plastic travel crates that we've had long before we got her, and so far they have worked perfectly. I just need to  know if she is going to outgrow these, so I can start looking for on Craigslist now. Crates are so expensive.


The largest crate we have is 26" long, 18" high, and 17" wide (measurements are of the inside of the crate. This is the crate that is a permanent fixture in our bedroom and the one she's in the most. When she's all stretched out I think her bunny butt touches (or almost touches) the back and her head touched the front gate. Her parents are fairly small, so she shouldn't get too big, and right now she's so slender that she can comfortably curl up in the back of the crate. Is she going to outgrow this? Our Dachshund is 25lbs and this is a very comfortably sized crate for him. We have another crate a hair smaller than this one, and it's the one we use for traveling to and from parks and stuff. She fits in it just fine right now, but can't quite stretch out in it like the other one.


It's not a huge deal right now, cause I'm not working and she spends 3 hours (at most except at night) at a time in her crate. I'm just trying to plan long term and want to make sure she will be comfortable should the time come that I will need to crate her longer.


Sorry that was so long. LOL



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Hi Heather,


Do note that some corgis are on the smaller side and some are on the taller larger side.

My corgis are 8 and they do just fine with the Petmate - Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion crates (Large 36″ x 25″ x 27″). Due to airline policy, crates must be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around comfortably inside, so a smaller size may still work, but not enough room for them to turn around in. A cardigan will definitely need a larger taller crate. Hope this helps.

Both of my guys have 36" crates.

Vari Kennel hard crates.  Ours are Pems.

Al's:          Intermediate  32L  22W  23H             He's 25+ lbs.

Gwynn's:         Medium  27L  20W  19H       more like 21+ lbs.

I made a plywood cutout divider wall screwed to a board that fit thru the bars;  this can be moved back as puppy grows.

I think I'm going to go with the large 36" metal crate. That should be enough room for her to stretch out, right?
How big are her parents?

It's hard for me to say, cause I only saw her mother and Aunts one time, and it was the first time I'd seen a corgi in person since I was younger. They looked small to me, but what do I know. This is her grandmother: Lindsay's Dazzling Dolly Her mother and Aunts are all this size too. Does that help any?


Right now Ein is 5 months and 1 week, and she measures about 24" long from nose to nubbin.





Most corgis can easly fit in a #300 vari kennel for travel.  At home we use #400 vari's or 30" wire crates.  The only dog that goes in the big aka collie size, 36" wire crates is my big boy Moose.  Then again, a 45lb cardigan can have any size crate he wants.

Craigslist is a good source for used crates as well as garage sales.

Thanks for the information Cindy. This one is going to be for home. It'll be kept back in our master bedroom where we have plenty of room and it won't be an eye sore. It'll be for night time sleeping, and when I need to leave her home alone. Eventually, she'll be old enough and trained so she can roam free and I'll leave the door open so she can come and go when she pleases (like our dachshund). I just wanted to make sure it was big enough for her to stretch out while she sleeps (and just in case she's a behavior problem), cause right now she's a long sleeper the way she lays on her side and sticks her legs out in front and behind. I just want her to be as comfy as possible. I hate having to lock her in the one we have now.



Yeah, we have the opposite. We have plastic travel crates, but no nice wire kennel crates and that's what I'm looking for. She's about ready to outgrow the largest travel crate we have for her.
Because we have the space in our bedroom, I decided to go ahead and get a large 36" one just in case she's a big girl. Plus she likes to stretch out when she sleeps and at 5 months she's already 25" long nose to nubbin. The cheapest I've found one so far is $57 on Amazon.com w/ free shipping.
I get my crates by Midwest Lifestages Med. size which is 36L x 24W x 27H through www.petedge.com which seem to have the best prices for the solid strong structure.

Ein's big girl bed was delivered yesterday and I've had no problems transitioning her. She's happily napping in it right now. Thanks for all the advice everyone. ~Heather


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