What is the strangest, most extravagant thing you have bought or done for your corgi?  Me, I just confessed to my mother that I am having a custom deck of playing cards made with Twinkie's picture on them.  I clarified, "anyone can buy corgi playing cards, I need a Twinkie deck for my weekly card game with my girlfriends!"  

I'm sure most of you can top this.  I know for a fact that the "Spoiled Rotten Corgi" group is lousy with stories of short-legged excess!  Let's hear it!

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I think for a lot of people, the most extravagant thing is getting a second Corgi, so the first one would not be lonely!  I know I did!


We have done this the last 3 breeds we have raised, But Corgi's are like tater chips. You can not just have one!!

i did that... got her a brother!, and she likes him pretty good but i love him!! hahaha!!

I always put on my footman's uniform when I serve Gwynnie & Al their bedtime treats of organic cage-free patte de foi gras on clean linen napkins -- just to support their delusion of living in Buckingham Palace.   I read them their bedtime stories in a faked British accent.

I'm a shameless enabler, I know.  It's even worse at high tea.

lol  :)
A lot of people think that I am being a bit eccentric for having a sink for my dog but I think it is a necessity:)  
Oh, we likie!!
This is just too smart, wish I had one to save my back while giving baths to my corgis.  :)  Love it!!
Now that is what I want!! Oh Honey, I have a job for you......
What a clever idea!!! i believe ur corgi loves it too, having a dedicated space for him to bath
It was a requirement for my kitchen too! :)

Some Cow Dung or Dead Earthworm scented dog shampoo, and an old mildewy towel, would be a nice finishing touch for such a gorgeous dog.

The breeders we got Gwynnie from built a dog-cleaning vestibule into their farmhouse, replete with hosing station.  Not a bad idea; you can use it to clean your own boots and work stuff.


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