What is the strangest, most extravagant thing you have bought or done for your corgi?  Me, I just confessed to my mother that I am having a custom deck of playing cards made with Twinkie's picture on them.  I clarified, "anyone can buy corgi playing cards, I need a Twinkie deck for my weekly card game with my girlfriends!"  

I'm sure most of you can top this.  I know for a fact that the "Spoiled Rotten Corgi" group is lousy with stories of short-legged excess!  Let's hear it!

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I would not have been able to resist those either! Love it!!


When we got a hard laminate floor put in chloe did not like it, so we got an area rug for the floor. We take her 30 miles one way for Chloe to have agility classes.
I bought him a kiddie pool.

I drove over 600 miles to purchase my Corgi. She has proved to be worth every minute of that drive.


I did the living room furniture also. Got a "L" shaped sofa ( for the corner ) that pulls out to a bed and left if out so my babies can sit on the sofa whenever they want and also have steps on the side for them. I should have pictures I will look. And i like the sunglass nice touch.

Driving to and from the agility classes and paying to enter into agility trials is probably the most expensive thing I've done with my corgis so far. For Christmas though, I made a calendar on Vistaprint.com of Baxter and Ziggy and made t-shirts for my family that said, "I <3 my grand corgs." (My grandma's said, "I <3 my great grand corg.")

i got chloe a cat. his name is linus. since i have gone back to school and they are alone a lot they have really bonded. and he picks on her like any little brother would. lol


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