Hi all, I'm beginning to think our girl Luna is, in fact, loony. 

For about two weeks now, when she's outside in the backyard with my daughter, she does this almost-crazed running around in a large circle.  Her ears are up, her nose is pointed toward the ground, and she's very intent, like she's herding something or chasing something BUT THERE IS NOTHING THERE.   ?   

Even if, when I go out, I call her over and pet her and try to distract her, she goes right back to the circling.  (also- her sister corgi has nothing to do with any of this, she plays with my daughter, or does other more normal stuff.)

So is our dog loony? Is she herding imaginary cattle?  Can she hear moles underground with those very large ears?  Does anyone else's corgi do this?

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I've noticed that my youngest sometimes runs with his nose to the ground outside...he's sort of famous at our house because of his really WILD frapping at least once a day. he has a route from one room to another and around a coffee table...the other 2 corgis just watch him, but they are older and less energetic.


Now these are dogs that get an hour walk ever day and have a fenced 4 acre area all to themselves...not neurotic or in need of exercise.

i think it's just playtime stuff.



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