This just started happening yesterday and I am planning on calling the vet in the morning.

Yesterday morning my 2.5-year-old corgi pooped regularly with no problems. He usually gets his business done right away so we can continue with our walk. When my husband and I took him for a walk at about 3:30pm, he yelped and cried while trying to poop. He stayed at my parents' while we went to watch the Super Bowl and my dad said that he had a normal poop on his nightly walk. This morning, he again had a normal poop with no problems. This evening, he yelped while trying to go and hasn't gone though I walked him for a long time. His tummy feels normal (full from eating dinner and not pooping, but not hard). He won't run with me and he's not as interested in dragging out all of his toys and bouncing around like he normally does in the evening.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I plan on calling his vet in the morning but I was wondering if anyone here had had similar problems or knew what could be happening. I hope he has a regular poop in the morning because this is making me so sad for him!

Thank you!

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Any chance he ate anything like a bone, plastic, toy, etc? It could be anything from back pain, leg pain, tummy ache to a partial blockage. You could try calling an emergency clinic and seeing if they have any suggestions until you can get him in tomorrow.

No, he doesn't eat abnormal things so I doubt that's it-- though anything's possible I suppose. I checked his back and his legs and he doesn't wince or anything no matter where I touch him, even when I squeeze on his belly. I'm thinking that it's probably a blockage in his bowels but that doesn't explain his normal morning poops.

He might have an anal gland problem...blocked or abcess.  Have him checked..

I called the vet this morning and she said it's most likely his anal glands. Worst case scenario, it's a blockage but she said since he's getting poop out she doesn't think that's what it is. I've already made his appt!

Good!  My newfoundland had an abcess once, and we didn't find it for a long time.  It was nasty, and took a very long time to heal!

Went to the vet... His anal glands were swollen and he was in a lot of discomfort when the vet expressed them. Vet said he would be very surprised if that wasn't the problem so hopefully he's fixed! We'll see when I take him for a walk tonight!

Hope he's all better! 

Hope that is all. We are so glad that you took are of it right away.

Update: Mac is still having problems. He had his anal glands expressed on Tuesday. The vet said they were very swollen and he was in a lot of discomfort when they were expressed. We went to get pain meds and antibiotics a couple of days ago to help with the soreness and prevent infection since he was still having pain. Unfortunately, he is still very uncomfortable while going #2. He is seeing the vet again today since it's not normal for dogs to be sore for this long after having their anal glands expressed. I'm picking him back up on my lunch break today and I'm hoping the vet has good news. I really just want him to feel better. I'm hoping that is just a bout of constipation at this point and nothing more serious.

The good news is that, other than while he is squatting, he is acting perfectly normal. He is playing, eating normally, and being his normal cuddly self. I will keep updating this so if anyone else ever has this problem they can hopefully solve it quicker than we have been able to!

It turns out Mac is just very sensitive. The vet said he is perfectly fine except he is still very inflamed and sore from the expression. He will be on Metronidazole (antibiotic), Rimadyl (anti-inflammatory) and Lactulose (laxative) and we'll be adding wet food to his dry food diet for a couple of weeks.

Thank you all for the advice!

You might try this..I use Baby Wipes on my Moose when we get back from being expressed. It seems to desensitize (sp) his booty and takes the smell away

Thank you! I hadn't thought of that. I already keep baby wipes by the front door to wipe his paws and underbelly so I will definitely use them in this case as well.


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