Obviously most people on this website are going to pick corgis as the cutest or one of the cutest breeds of dogs. I was curious though what your guys's thoughts were on other breeds. For example, I have never understood the appeal of small, ugly yappy dogs like pekingnese which look like they had their snout shoved into their face. Or bulldogs, I mean great personalities, but people try telling me they're the CUTEST breed? No way! Its like a finger painting next to a Da Vinci and saying the finger painting has a better composition/technique. Maybe its just one of those things where if its  face only a mother could love but your the dog's momma than its the most beautiful face in the world. Also, anyone ever seen a Japanese Chin http://www.dizzydogs.com/images/rowdyjan09.jpg ? Its so out of proportion it looks photoshopped. On top of the aesthetic dislike with many of the forementioned breeds, the snout thing actually causes the dogs frequently issues with sinuses. Bulldogs have been bred to be so boxy shaped that its difficult for female bulldogs now to give birth. Keep in mind I'm not including "cute" personality with these breeds.


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brussels griffons(?sp) look like spiders to me.

Awww, haha.  I love bulldogs and pekingnese.  They're so ugly that they are cute!  Except American Bulldogs.  They are just ugly.  The bulldog version of cats, however... those things are HORRIFIC.  D:  I don't understand how they are so popular. 


But, I think spitz type dogs are the best looking.  Akitas, K-Bear Dogs, Shiba Inu, Huskies, Malamutes... all those types!  Part of the reason I like Corgis so much is because they are descended from spitz dogs.  


Personality-wise, I am most attracted to herders. :3  

I LOVE english bull terriers, corgis, african basenjis, wiener dogs.......


I do not like afghan hounds. I don't know what it is, they are just too lanky and I am not a fan of the curly tail and pointy face.


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