Another great day, Daisy is a rescue & a very quite dog by nature.. Today she decided to take a interest in the talking ball- its been around now for 1 month- So I could not believe my eyes when I saw it in her mouth... Talking away...

It just goes to show how she is changing after 3 years of having her & making a few barks today as well...

What a fantastic day for Daisy:)))

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Yay!!!!  That is awesome!!!!!

Way to go--for both of you!!  You for believing in her and being patient, and for her for being brave and taking a chance!!  That's awesome!!

That's awesome! :) I get SO excited when Ziggy does something new, and he's only been with me eight months.. After three years, I bet you're ecstatic!

It's great when the shy dog tries something knew or overcomes an obstacle that use to stop them.  It makes you take the time to rejoice in each small accomplishment that is normally taken for granted.  I, too, have a shy quiet dog that needs time to overcome his fear of things.  Enjoy the journey with Daisy and remember nothing can be rushed.  Hurray for the small things.


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