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I'm looking into breeders to get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I was wondering if anyone who lives in Michigan has gotten a puppy from them before? I haven't heard anything about them before as nobody i know actually has a Corgi. Thanks(: 

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Personally I'd have a few concerns looking at the kennel online.

One is that the health clearances seem to be sparse to non-existent.  Do they test hips? For vWD? 

My second concern is that they don't seem to do anything with their dogs.  Their dogs have no titles either end, not even something modest like CGC.   Nor do they indicate they are working dogs (herding).   I am ok with people not titling their dogs in anything if they are actually doing a job, personally (as long as they health test and meet all the other standards of a good breeder.)   

If it were me and I did contact this breeder, I would have a lot of questions about health clearances (and I'd want to see the clearances) and also how they determine their dog is good breeding material.   I know a lot of people think it seems snobbish for breeders to be asked to recite a whole breed history of dogs and what they've done, but part of the reason that's expected is because there are a host of health and temperament issues that tend not to surface til the dog is older.  If a breeder buys a puppy from unknown stock, then waits for pup to mature and breeds her, how do they know if there are genetic health problems in the parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents?   If you scan some of the posts under "Corgi Health" you will see that one minor medical problem can cost well over $1000 to treat.   For that price, a person can buy a top-quality puppy from a breeder who DOES title her dogs and keep track of the lines (or has working herding dogs and similarly knows the lines), and reduce the risk of health problems.

That's just my own opinion.  :-)   

Thanks for the advice and I completely understand what you are saying. Of course as I got closer I would ask more questions and go see the dogs in their living conditions. I will look more into different breeders too as I get closer to getting my puppy. I agree with you that thoroughly looking into the puppy's history and bloodlines will be beneficial. Thank you for your advice(: have a good day!  

Beth, when I found my Lilliput it was a bit of a fluke. I called several breeders who all mentioned one particular name, so I called her. She had a puppy! The original buyers had to back out. I was so excited, but remembered to ask all the health questions, etc. We drove there the next day to get her. I was curious as to why the breeder kept pointing out all the portraits on the walls of her vet practice and telling me what titles the dogs had won, and the big one that had been commissioned by DisneyWorld. I just wanted to go see the puppy! Now, having read this post, I get why she was telling me all this. I wasn't really listening that well, but I guess she made the point she was trying to make. Thanks for the insight.

I'm not an expert, but I've been to several dog shows and done lots of research on the breed, and I have to say that the dogs on the website don't look the best to me.  Not that it really matters what a dog looks like, but when the dogs of so-called expert breeders don't look quite right, I would worry about health issues.  Not sure where you live, but a friend who's part of the corgi show circuit in Michigan recommended this breeder http://www.caritasfarm.com/welcome.html.  There's several corgi breeders in MI so I would keep looking.

Thanks for the website; I would have to agree that the dogs look a lot better. It's not too far away from my house. A few hours isn't that bad considering some people travel to different states to get there beloved companions. Thanks for recommending them! (: Have a good day!

Here is a list of breeders from Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America. May be a good place to start when looking for a reputable breeder:


Thank you for the link! sounds like a good place to start to me(:

As a matter of fact, My Hanna is from the De Kunst kennels! We've had Hanna for 2 years now, and it was the best decision I ever made. The kennels were a bit out of the way, but once we found them - they were great! Very clean kennels and the dogs were all very healthy and happy. We got a tour of the facility and had all our questions answered to our satisfaction. We were there for quite a while and the kids were playing with the puppies the whole time. Are you going to get one of their pups? I would love to see pics! :)

It will be a while till I can actually get a puppy but I'm trying to find some breeders that I can look into for the future. I have 2 or 3 breeders that I need to look farther into but good to know someone got a puppy from them on here. It would be good to here about them from someone who actually got a dog from them. Thanks for your help(:  

My Mina is from them. We got her two and a half years ago and i felt satisfied with the health tests and the way they were rasied in a family environment. If i remember correctly she said she does agility with them. I even just emailed her this week about getting a second puppy from her. I sent her a picture of Mina and a short recap of my delight with her. In response i received a form letter that, besides my name, was the same as their puppy page. Word for word. No mention of Mina being from her first set of tris. Only that the puppies are 950! Mina two years ago was 650. Furthermore i have been watching her website for a retired dog or puppy that would be good for me (id love a fluffy). And at first she had puppies maybe three times a year. But now they have them all year and from multiple litters. I am sad to say it seems like all they care about is the money. Almost puppy mill style. All and all I would have many different (better informed) questions for her if I was to get another one. And i would price them, and make sure MY vet does bloodwork. But all this trashing aside, Mina is an amazing dog, I love her, would still buy her again if given the chance. Just look around and dont let them fool you with the cuteness. It's hard to walk away from the cute.
Thanks so much. Your corgi is adorable and I have a lot of questions to ask a breeder when the time comes. Thanks(:

Just an update to my rant about prices. That is the going rate for a puppy. I didn't realize the internet drummed up the price so much by making Corgis the "it" thing :)


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