My Maya still has her lil dewclaws.  I've heard that they may get caught on things and tear....  Has anyone experienced this with their corgi?  B/c of their cute little stubby legs, I was not sure if this may cause more of a problem or less for them.  So, I thought I would ask for everyone's 2 cents...


She's almost 4 months and I know it will be time soon to remove her lady parts.  I've heard it's convenient to get the dewclaws removed then.  However, I have also heard that it slows the healing process down.  I know this is all a little more than a month away, but I just want to figure out what I should do....What would be best for her?  Can you help me?  Let me know your stories and experiences.  Thanks!

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Gosh I am not really for removing things but seeing the difference between having a corgi with the dew claws and without I would say that it is okay to remove them.
I know...I don't want to bring her pain. However, I don't want her to be in more pain because of my faults. Just thought I would do my HW and look into it, as well as get personal feedback. Thanks you for yours! :)
I believe in removing dewclaws on newborn puppies (the breeder frequently has it done). However, if the dog still has dewclaws when she comes to you, as in this case, personally I would leave them and then deal with it if they start causing problems later.

Just make sure you keep the nail on the dewclaws super short.
Thanks Beth! Yes, I agree..I wish hers had been removed when she was younger. Have you used those claw filers before? I was thinking about buying one instead of the clippers.
I recently started to use a dremel tool on my Quin. She is one year old now and she doesn't fight me half as much as when I used the clippers and I feel much more confident about using it as i know I wont go to far and hurt her as I have done before with the clippers in the past. Although I wouldn't get one of those pedipaw ones as I have heard they aren't strong enough for corgi nails.
Thank you both Kari & Juno, for your help. I've heard about the filers, but never knew if they worked or not. I think I'm just going to stick with a clipper and maybe get a buffer if I need to file a bit. THANKS!
NAY. Most vets won't do it after they are a few days old because it is like removing a thumb. Some dewclaws are attatched by more cartilage than bone and if this is the case for your pup then it shouldn't be a big deal, but if they are firmly attatched by bone then it is LITERALLY removing their thumb. There is a bone attatchment they would have to remove. My vet wouldn't do it on my big dog when he was getting fixed and that is why he told me no. They usually wait until the dog has problems before removing them because many dogs never have an issue
Ohhh...that's very good to know! Thank you! Maya is going in for her final set of shots today and we were going to ask them for their opinion on the matter as well.
Sophie has her dew claws and so far she has never had a problem with them.
Oh I didn't know all this. Max had his dew claws and they were a pain, never thought to have them removed when we got him (at six months) because I didn't know that it was an option but it sounds like it wasn't anyway. LO and bootsie don't have theirs. So I guess as she is older than you should not remove them.
Monty only has one on his front left paw and it has gotten snagged twice to the point the nail just came off. It is very painful for a few days and breaks my heart. He is almost 3 now and if I ever have to bring him in for a teeth cleaning I am tempted to get it removed to avoid constant problems. I do keep it short but both times it just got snagged anyway. Just one experience.
Yes, this was my concern! :( Sorry Monty has been having problems with his little dewclaws. I'm still torn, but I think I'm swinging toward leaving them and removing them if they become an issue. As of now..Maya has gotten them caught on my clothes and blankets a few times, but trimming them does cut that problem back a bit.


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