I am having a hard time getting Chesney to stop digging in the yard!! She is just about to China I swear!! I fill them in and tell her no but she just keeps doing it! I even tried putting her poo in the holes before I fill them because I heard that that is supposed to stop them but she just digs somewhere else! Does anyone have any suggestions that I may try? I can't be in the yard with her all the time to make sure she doesn't do it! Please help!!

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maybe make an appropriate place to dig and encourage digging there, like a children's standbox
Bear does this randomly, he'll dig a shallow spot and then lay on it and attack things (butterflies, bees, etc) He seems to think he's invisible when lying in it.

I call them Ninja Holes.

Sometimes he rolls around in whatever he's digging - I always wonder if he finds a worm, digs in to it and then rolls in it. Gross but maybe a possibility.
dogs dig for several reasons: Boredom, buried treasure or to lay in a hole to cool their core temperature.
Yes I understand the reasons..lol. And she does have a place in the yard where I've tried to encourage her to dig without worries but she just prefers to dig in the grass!
you said you have a spot, but is it a sand spot? I just have to say, we have a sandbox and any dog that comes over just loooves the sand box, not just for digging, just for laying in even.
Before we had it, there was some sand thrown on this one spot left by the previous owner, and the dogs would dig in that, with just sand on the surface.

Maybe bury little treats where you want her to dig?

If she likes the feeling of tearing up grass, put the sand box on top of some grass? Pooka loves digging up the little roots growing deep in the sand box.
Yes it is a sandy spot. Not like sand box sand but in our area pretty much all the dirt is actually sand..lol. I'll try the treats idea though. Thanks!! As for the dog park idea, Ann, unfortunately in our town there is no dog park. I wish there were. There aren't very many dog friendly places here. I do take her down to the river and she loves to play in the water and dig. I also take her to the nature trails that are here but we've had 110 degree weather nearly all summer so we haven't had much chance. We will definitely be going there more now that it's getting cooler.
Thanks for all the ideas! I'm always open to more!!


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