i am just curious as to whether corgis get fluffier as they grow. My harlly is not very fluffy.. her coat seems quite short actually, and she is 9 months old. All the other corgis i have seen seem to be much fluffier? Will her coat grow in more?

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You do know the difference between a true fluffy and one that is not. I had a corgi who is about 4 yrs she never had a undercoat and her hair was very short. I also have a 3yrs who has a beautiful med length coat with an undercoat. Your pup is still to young to get her true coat, give it some time to tell how she will turn out.
At 9 months old, what you see is what your going to get. There are all different types of hair coats. Their are standards on the hair coat which I'm sure you don't care about. Is the shorter hair what you wanted?
you know i dont care either way, shes my beautiful princess no matter what lol. Just i have met 3 other corgis this week and allo them seemed to have fluffier hair than her.. so i was just curious.
Her coat might get a tad longer but won't be much and it will get thicker to a point but I don't think it will get to a point your talking about. Either way..she's a Corgi..thats all she needs to be. LOL
Your answer lies in the genes. The coat variations in corgis is huge. Did you see her parents? Did you ask your breeder? Have you any way to be in contact with the owner of her siblings? Coats can even vary greatly in one litter. Generally for show dogs coat is a big consideration when many choose to breed. Some will take the chance and breed "glamour" coats knowing full well that the possibility of a fluff in a litter is likely. There is actually available testing now for the "fluff" gene. I would say she may get a bit more coat as she matures but probably will not be as full of a coat as some corgis that you are apt to meet.
my corgi (oz) had a very smooth coat at frist and then about 7mos old he started to get very fluffy. now theres a ton of hair. =] i also have a 5yr old female who has a smoother coat. all depends on the corgi n the genes


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