I would love to hear your opinions, and what you do for your dogs.  A neighbor of mine insists that my little guy should have a winter coat on when we go for our walks.  My understanding (I'm a new mom) is that corgis have 2 layers of fur, and are pretty well insulated.

He is never left outside, is only outside for walks, and I dry him off when he comes in.

What do you think?



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Thanks for sharing your answers--and your stories!! They make me laugh because, as I am sure you could guess, my little guy does the same thing. There are very few things I've seen that are as cute as short little corgi-puppy legs trying to traverse the snow piles! :-)

I'm having issues with Sawyer in the snow. Mostly just today (it's -12) otherwise its been a very mild winter. But today Sawyer is not a happy pup. She starts shivering and crying after 2 minutes outside. I feel so bad that I've brought her back in 3 times. This is also with a coat on :( poor girl.

That's because she's so young.  Puppies don't have their full coat yet, and young puppies can't fully regulate their internal thermostats as well as adults; they are also more prone to heat exhaustion than adults as a result (or so I am led to understand).

Hello fellow 416ers, it IS cold today, since Sawyer is under 4 months old, he is not equipped to stay out long. Make sure you stay away from salted sidewalks, avoid the slushy snow, when Sawyer is older, you'll want to trim his paw pad fur, put on a coat of musher's secret / (wax from petsmart), get a warm wet towel and wipe his paws whenever you come back into the house. If you have a sidewalk, use pet safe snow melter from home depot, I usually get the purple container one, then refill it with regular bags.

This picture was taken last year at Rideau Ottawa River in Ottawa during Winterlude, it was -20c / -4F . My Floriadian corgis did just fine in their birthday suit :) We walked all day in the city, enjoying beavertails!

Winter coats they got.

Keeping cool in summer sun IS a problem.  The Chillybuddy cooling vest actually seems to help, as long as you keep it damp:

We live in Edmonton Canada , it gets very cold here,Benson seems to prefer the cold, he is fine until about-22 c.obviously I am always concerned about the cold as it is with us for about 6 months of the year,my beagle always wears a coat on walkies, but Ben will not wear one, and I don't think he needs one,the only thing that bothers him is when the snow balls up in his paws.I alleviate this by keeping the fur between his paw pads trimmed,also like Sam mentioned I use a salve on his pads, it helps protect from cracking,salt,sand etc. my dogs have adapted to their environment ,I am sure that any dog would.


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