Here are the corgi mobiles we've had over the years:

Nissan Xterra - Too high for ours to jump on, the front seat is fine, but it's impossible for them to jump on in the back seat. Very nice cargo space, but muddy paws can be a problem.

Lexus ES300 - Leather get scratched up, the tan color interior does help to "hide" the fur, cargo space is a joke, cannot fit any wire crate in the trunk. Good height for the dogs to jump in.

Lexus SC300 - Rear seats are perfect for the dogs, no human should ever sit back there, it gets really really hot in Florida summer, right height, very heavy doors.

Toyota Matrix - Awesome plastic hatch area, wipes down easy, you can use a garden blower to blow out the fur, rear hatch glass open, wire crate fits in the back, plenty of cargo room, great on gas. nice height for the dogs.

Toyota Sienna - very roomy, can fit the doggies plus family and cargo. Not so good on gas but definitely ride in comfort for everyone, especially road trip.

Now what do you drive? How corgi friendly is it? Lets hear the pros and cons :)

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It will fit 5 adults very comfortably. Honda did not compromised most of the interior space. The seats also move and can get adjusted in different positions, depending on cargo needs. I have carpooled a couple of tall friends and they are impressed. However, it's had been on short rides. See if you can try your friends, or go to one of the car dealers with your husband (so he can fend off the car sellers too), and try it. My Fit is from 2007, and I think the 2009 it's a little bit bigger. But the saving on gas is soooo good.

Hope it helps.
I have a Ford Focus...Gibson cannot jump up into it and he never seems that comfortable in it (unless hes on my lap pressed up against the wheel! haha). I can squeeze his baby crate in the back but theres no way i could put his larger one there (it fits in the trunk, but that is not really helpful on long car rides). So, I guess it is not the most corgi friendly vehicle. He seems to prefer my husbands Buick Regal w/the big leather seats ;)
Ella prefers the passenger seat of my Focus, if she gets the chance. She can sit perfectly in the seat and look out the window. Also the curve of the seat keeps her from sliding anywhere. But the jumping up in is a problem, she can just onto the floor and then up to the seat. Not a whole lot of room for her to stretch out.
I've got a Ford Ranger with the extended cab. When Gus and I go places he rides in a travel crate strapped into the passenger seat. That crate will be too small for him in a few months and then I'll add some kind of padding to the extended cab area and have him ride back there.

The extended cab area has doors but I expect that it will be a little too high off the ground for him to get into without help. Although he might surprise me. He's an athletic little guy.

My last two dogs were larger dogs (95lbs and 60 lbs) and they could both ride in the extended cab area. Although the fit was tight with both of them back there. One time I tried putting them in the bed of the truck (it has a camper shell) but that didn't work at all. They tried to stand and skidded around all over the place. Plus it was hard to hoist those big dogs up into the bed. Imagine trying to put a 95 pound cat somewhere that it doesn't want to go and you'll get the idea.

Before the truck I had a Toyota Celica hatchback. I'd put the back seat down and let the dogs ride in back. It was pretty comical to see me driving down the road with those two big dogs back there. Plus the big one liked to put her head on my shoulder while I was driving.
We own a Mazda 3 hatchback from 2005. Jack loves it! He doesn't ride in a crate, but if he did, there's plenty of room in the back for it. Jack likes riding in the passenger seat, whether or not there's some one there. It also can fit our FoxHound in the back seat very comfortably, so it's always a trip when we have both of them in the hatchback. :)

Mazda did an excellent job of re - making the Protege 5, which is now the Mazda 3. We almost purchased the sedan version of the 3, but it was just a bit too small, and too common for me, so we ended up with the hatchback. It's fuel efficent, roomy, and if you have the sport version like I do, you can drive manual, or automatic depending on your mood. :) The only down side really is the hair, but the seats have a wonderful fabric that don't allow the hair to cling. So you can just brush the fur off. It's a low riding little car, kind of like the Corgis, and Jack has no problem jumping up into the car and into the seats. He just loves sitting in there, even when the car isn't moving. :)

I just really love my little car, I'm proud to say I'm one of the 5% of Americans who actually like hatchbacks. Lol. I would suggest this little car to anyone.

Here's a link to a picture of one. This is what mine looks like, minus the Corgi outline sicker on the back window. :D
Hah! I've got the Matrix! It looks small on the outside, but is surprisingly roomy inside. I've easily fit 5 people AND 2 medium-to-large-size dogs (meaning 3 or 4 corgis or anything smaller), in one car, and when all the seats fold down, I can haul an amazing amount of stuff. Also, this car has KICK. I love my Matrix.

My Baby. <3 (yes, there is a little cheetah decal on the side there lol)
I thought about getting the Matrix, but I found the Mazda first. I like this little car too, though! :)
We did think about getting the Mazda 3 before we got the matrix, we LOVE how peppy the 3 can be, the bose sound system and leather package. The 3 also sits lower to the ground, heavier and more stable on the road under strong wind. However, we settle for the Matrix's mpg, cargo space and the taller head room to transport our equipment. What we don't like about our matrix is the lack of horse power, the sitting position is more upright and the taller body catches wind when a semi drive pass you :(
I have a Honda Civic, 06. It's just okay for the Grovester. It has grey cloth, which does NOT hide the corgi hair very well. But he can jump in and out on his own and he can see out the window easy enough. I can't fit his large crate in the back, but I can fit his smaller one in there. I usually just collapse the bigger one and put it in the trunk and put Grove in his seat belt harness in the passenger seat or the back. It also has a black dash board...the corgi hair just swirls in the wind when I have the windows down. :)
I always feel bad for people riding in my car because they always leave COVERED in hair!
Does anyone use those pet seat covers? What do you guys think of those?
What pet seat covers? You have attracted my interest...
Yup! I've always had dog-friendly cars, I'm afraid. Well, mostly... *grin*

Since I've only had the three cars since I've had the Corgis, I have to go with what I've got.

Pontiac Vibe - Which is the same basic car as the Matrix with a different exterior, different engine package. Great car, love it. Dog fur and nose-smooze wipes right off, mud, goo, you name it. Quick cloth wipe, all's great. Corgis can get in and out easily.

Volvo 960s ( Station Wagon) - Love this car. Love it. It's my shop car, so I use it for everything. I have managed to fit half a ton of dog food in the back, cat posts, dog crates, saddles, bales of hay, a goat, etc... Cleans right out, leather is tough and doesn't scratch, it's a pleasure to drive in the snow and the ice. Fits one big German Shepherd, and three Corgis easy. Heck, it fit a Lab, my four dogs, a Cattle dog, and two gosh knows what mixes on a trip to the dog park. Not the best gas milage, but decent for what it can do. Dogs can get in and out of it easily too. Plus, it has our logo on it, which is a Corgi. ;)

1982 Trans Am -- Lousy gas milage. Can't fit a darn dog crate in it. Actually, you can barely put a postage stamp in the trunk. Has no AC, and is miserable in the summer, spins out on ice, water, snow, you name it. Seriously, this car was only meant to be driven in Hollywood for cheesy car chases.

... darn cool though. Strap the Corgi in the seat next to you, wearing his hat and Doggles (tm) and then drive around and play a little 80's music. Roll the windows down. Sniff the sniffs, and go fast. Well, not too fast. ;)
I have a Toyota Prius. (In fact, it's mine as of February 17th! Woo hoo! No more car payments!) Doris is still a puppy, so I'm waiting to see how this car works out for her. So far, she can't climb into it by herself. If she's riding, she has to sit in someone's lap and stretch up on her hind legs to see out the windows.

Other than that, I adore my car and love that it hugs trees while it drives. I'm hoping it'll hug Doris Daylily more as she gets older and bigger.


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