I just got a fluffy Corgi. I was wondering if any of you have one and what do you do about grooming. Do you ever have their hair trimmed in the summer? Since Gracie is a fluffy, her hair is going to be thicker. I can already tell that she is hot natured. We use to get our Corgi-mix trimmed and groomed during the summer.

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I take my "fluffy corgi" to the groomers whenever I can, I love her long hair but it grows so fast. With a little trim she
has a more "polished look" and she can show off her cute bunny butt. Shelby wanted nothing to do with the groomer
the first time she went and it took a little longer b/c she was stubborn but now the groomer tells me she is no trouble at all.
Pan gets groomed about once a year for the summer.

I learned to do year round trimming on my own to save money. I invested in a razor and nice scissors. You just need to get her used to both so it's not a surprise when you try to use them. I shave Pan close on the tummy and behind year round to help with "poopy" problems back there.

Lots of trimming and brushing will help with her keeping cool. Fluffy's fur tends to get caught up in itself.
The only corgi hair that I trim is the hair between the paws, but that's just me.
I don't think you should trim your Corgi at all (except on the paws). The fur protects them from the heat.
My fluff pals do tend to "tidy up" their dogs. Finding a groomer that is wise to the correct ways to trim a fluff is most difficult. If you go to the PWCCA website you will find a great article about coat care on a fluff. Certainly trimming the belly hair making sure to leave the fringe from the side, feet poop chute is a good idea. You may also try a Mars Coat King to thin her coat out a bit. As for shaving the entire body I would never dream of it.
The only thing I do with Shippo is trim the fur on his paws to keep them from getting all "grinchy," and occasionally, like a couple times a year, I'll trim the split ends off the bottom of his pants, and take a mat breaker/thinning tool and thin the pants as well. I don't shave anything.

It would totally defeat the purpose of me going out of my way to find a fluffy, if I went and shaved all his long, beautiful hair off.
Sadie gets brushed a lot to get out some of her hair she likes to leave around the house, and we use the furminator. Sadie has gone to the groomers once and got her extra belly hair trimmed, her bottom hair and they helped brush her and get rid of some of her undercoat. She looked very cute after and I will probably do it again during the summer since she is so hairy! But I do love it!!
See Cheetah's photos of Shippo before you trim your fluffy.
Whenever you come home from a really bad day at work, sit down and comb the dog. Fur therapy.
Haha... amen to that!
We have one fluffy and two "normals". The boys only get their paw pads trimmed as needed. Lexus, our precious fluff, gets her paws trimmed as needed and even now and then I trim her skirt to keep it from dragging on the ground. If it drags she then tends to bring in lots of leaves and other miscellaneous things. I also trim her "wings" the long hair behind her front legs, when she looks like she might fly away because it's so long. ....if she's having poop issues, then a poop chute is done. .....We like her fluffy and would never dream of shaving it down or off unless it was a medical necesseity. But everyone has to do what they is feel is right for them and their dog.
Most of my clients who have fluffs only "trim" their pants and feet. It avoids "dingleberries" and slippery feet. Of course, you could have your groomer just shape her up, but don't go shaving. Believe it or not, the double coat not only keeps them warm in winter, but cooler in summer. Congrats on the fluffy. They're SO cute!


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