Do your dogs lay on their backs with all legs spread to sleep?

Bandit looks like someone dropped him on the bed and he splatted. I noticed and my daughter says he hogs the bed. Is this a trait?

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Dewey's been sleeping on his back since he was a tiny puppy. Lately, however, he seems to only sleep like that when he's really OUT. This funny habit is one of the many things I love about him!
You have a Bandit, too!
Do you mean the black face mask? I love that look! My husband thinks Dewey is much more handsome than a regular red and white corgi. He thinks he looks like a German shepherd in the face. Do you always have people ask you if your Bandit is a corgi mix because of the black markings?
I haven't been asked that yet. He is a favorite now though!
Penny always sleeps like this. We call it "Road Kill Puppy". I know it's a terrible term but usually she is so sound asleep when she does this that you can hardly even wake her up.

Adorable picts everyone!!!! Ella does these same positions. At night she sleeps on her back with her feet all spread out between the hubby and I.
Boy, I need to figure out how to post pictures! Sonny loves to sleep on his back, even under the dining table (do you think he's waiting for a before bed snack? Poor Lucky can not longer get onto his back, but he still tries! Sometimes I will find the cat and Sonny on their backs and Lucky trying to lie on his. I love the pic with the corgi and the cat!
Yes! Gwenie [ sleeps with us on her back all spread out. She looks as if she was dropped on the bed splat! She is a bed hog likes her half in the middle.
I think most corgis like sleeping on their backs our Jack did as well. He didn't sleep with us he liked his pet bed better.

Susan, Radar, and Cooper, sneezing is a weapon. Get used to it, learn to anticipate and avoid.
Ever see the movie "Bowfinger"? Steve Martin had a dog that was ALWAYS like this. When straightening up his apartment for a meeting he finally put a rubber band around the dogs hind legs to make it "decent." Very funny.
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