I am a runner who hasn't run in a year (I decided to take the year off) but I'm itching to start again.  I think our corgi Floyd would benefit from the exercise as well but I'm wondering if other corgi owners do this.  I just don't know if he'll run as well as some other breeds.  I would be interested in any tips or tricks anyone has.  I want to be able to enjoy my run and have him get some exercise at the same time. 

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I run at least once a week with my corgi sinatra and my dobie mix draco. We go to the local state park (its just down the road) and they run circles around me for hours. They love it! Now that they have built up their stamina. As everyone said take it slow, check the paws, and have a blast!

I have never seen a corgi who would let someone running get away those little herders!
We run with Hamlet usually twice a week for about 3 miles. He loves it and it is great when he is super hyper to wear him out. I think its a great idea. I just have to watch the cars because Hamlet likes to chase after them. Good luck !

I took Beau running for the first time today. He is six months old and I figured from watching him fetch and "motor" around the house, he could handle it. We ran 3 miles around the loop of the neighborhood. He did well pretty much the whole time but the last block he was trying to stop. We did the loop in a little under thirty minutes. He was tired when we got home. I got him some water, put some foot  lotion on those pads, and am letting him lay around this afternoon. I think I may take him with me the day after tomorrow on another one of these short runs.

Our breeder was unequivocal with me:  no big physical challenges until 1 year old.  Puppy romps should be OK, but 3 miles sounds like a lot for a small young dog.  Stop long before the dog shows any reluctance (he may hide fatigue or pain).  Main thing you're worried about is growth plate injury, which I'd think is more from sudden trauma like jumping down from heights, stairs, furniture, like that.  Take him for shorter runs, easy pace (or let him set the pace).  You have plenty of time with him; take it easy until he's a young adult.

If you can find a pace for him to run off-leash, excellent.

I personally would not recommend running with a 6 month old puppy, and definitely not for 3 miles. I was told by several breeders that you should keep their walks around a mile until they're at least a year old, in order to avoid any stress on their growing joints and bones.

How old is FLoyd?  Our breeder was quite firm with me:  no huge hikes or big physical challenges until 1 year old (I'd think growth plate injuries are the main thing you want to avoid).

Although I'm a longtime runner, I never thought to run with the corgis -- but at first, I never thought to *hike* with a corgi, either.  I am going to try this! but it's complicated with 2 dogs -- one may want to run more than the other.   The "rule" while walking is, we go as fast as the dogs want to go, so I encourage them to run sometimes, and they can sprint as fast as I can for 100m or more, FAST.  If they want to run, we run.  But I've never tried long runs, nothing even as much as a mile.

IMPORTANT:  Always remember, start small, build strength/endurance slowly.  Be greedy, and you'll pay.  Whenever I feel something that doesn't feel right, I stop, else I know I may regret it for weeks.  Pay attention to the dog if it shows any reluctance.

Cooling should be a big problem.  Choose cool weather.  My dogs just wilt in hot sun, I wet them when I can.  This may be why we lost our fur: so we can sweat and cool ourselves for endurance.  Ever wonder how humans first caught horses?  Humans can outrun a horse, it's been proven (it may take a day or longer).  Don't expect a corgi to go as far as you can.  Don't forget lots of water.

They sure seem to like running after their ball at the playground.  Al is a rocket; the volleyball just turns him into an ANIMAL.

GREAT HINT:  use a fanny pack for treats/doggie bags, keep hands free.  I also clip the leashes to a runner around my shoulder with a light carabiner, so I can occasionally have hands free.

oh my word! im not a runner but all i have to say is ok and she takes off, she loves it i have a longer leash ( 6ft) so i wont trip!!  of course i can only go a few houses and im pooped but i will start up again till we manage to get the walk run finished , hahah i tell Carly you need a young spry man to do this...

I do! I jog mostly, but I run as well, and Caius is right there with me. It's pretty fun, and I'm sure brings attention from people far away.
I run all the time spontaneously with Ein. He loves it but he'll grab the leash if he wants to be pulled of if he wants me to stop. My vet says that you should start light-5 min at first for a week, then boost it up 5 min at a time.


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