My fiance just got a new cruiser. We thought it'd be fun to bring Gunny on rides if he likes it. I've been researching dog gear and stories. Anyone have any experiences?

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I've always thought about teaching my dog to ride with me but never got past simply having them pose with the bike.  It does seem like it would take some very careful step by step training to acclimatize the dog to the movement, noise, vibration, and understanding that jumping off is not allowed except on command.  Gromit's old wiener dog pal used to ride in the basket of her owner's bicycle and that started by simply putting the dog in the front basket then pushing the bike while walking along side. It didn't take long and she was happy to go for pedal powered rides.

For those reading this that think a dog on a bike is a nutty or dangerous idea, here's a couple of websites devoted to motorcycle riding dogs.  Biker Dogs MC  and Dogs On Bikes.

Our friend has a pit bull / terrier mix and she LOVES going on the bike. He custom built a box to go on the back and she gets harnessed in and has a leather get up and goggles for eye protection. She is shy of being a year old so it wasn't a battle of time-not-spent-on-the-bike, and she loves going in the go kart and in any vehicle. I wouldn't be comfortable having a dog on the back of my motorcycle, but then again motorcycles freak me out and if I'm not comfortable on it myself, I have no say haha! He is fantastic with her and on all of his motorized vehicles and wouldn't do anything wreckless with her in tow, but never the less she is the center of attention wherever we all go.. the biker bitch. Literally! ;-) I think all of her gear is Harley brand and specific to her measurements, but I could be wrong. Worth looking in to! Safety first!

On Dogs 101 there is an American Eskimo "Eskie" that rides on a bike. They live in Canada

Not on a motorcycle...But Gem likes our Jet ski!!!


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