Or is Jon Farleigh just obscenely lazy? :)  He never eats standing up. (Dewi stands up about 60% of the time.)  I have assumed this is a Corgi thing, but am now beginning to wonder...

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Daisy always stands but my Aussie will eat like that

So adorable!
That's hilarious! Mine always stands. Sitting would add an extra second to the amount of time it took for the food in the dish to get into her mouth. And that's 1 second she can't spare!

She'll also stand to eat treats; wherever you gave it to her, that's where she'll eat it. No taking it to a corner of the house, or hiding it in her dog bed. You give it to her in the middle of the kitchen; she eats it in the middle of the kitchen.
Luna does that! I thought it was weird, but I guess it's not.
That's so cute. I've never seen a dog lay down to eat. Ella is too happy at food time to sit still. She chases her bowl around the room. I have to feed her 1/4 cup wait 10 minutes and give her the 2nd 1/4.
Ginger used to eat laying down. She'd grab a mouth full of food out of her bowl, walk over to her bed, lay down, and then the chewing would commence. Or she would want to eat out of my hand, but only while laying down. She'd take the food out of my hand with the side of her mouth. Now she hovers over her bowl and I have to watch to make sure she's not literally inhaling her food!
Lance always stands to eat but I have seen him lay down to drink after hes been running around with his corgi buddies!!!
Tucker has always laid on his stomach with a paw on each side of the bowl to eat. Sometimes he will take a few pieces of food and lay them on the floor. And then he lays' down beside them and eats them one at a time. But he always stands to drink. I just thought it was a "Tucker thing". LOL
Wow. Clearly this is not a Corgi thing, and only a personality thing. I honestly thought all Corgis did this at least some of the time (just like the flying squirrel legs out behind - whatever that's called). Jonny and Dewi could be laughing at my foolishness right now. Whoever said Cardigans were clowns is right! BTW - Caught them both doing it last night and not only does Jon lie down to eat, sometimes he just rolls over mid-bowl and takes a nap!

omg..that is too funny, taking a nap while eating...Lance doesnt understand :O He gulps his food as fast as possible. I wish he would eat a bit slower but eating and napping....hmmm, interesting thought...hehe
LOL That's too funny! Thanks for sharing.
Both of my guys stand, and you would definitely never catch my cardi taking a nap with a crumb of food left in that bowl!


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