Does your Corgi Like flowers like My Corgi?! OR is my little girl just silly.

Ever since I brought Kyrie home from the breeder,when we take her out to go potty OR even just to play she LOVES to dive bomb my mothers Lavender flowers, No other flowers but her lavender. There wasn't any lavender at the breeders that I could see,plus her and her siblings where in a horse stale in the barn. So its a normal thing to do? Or does she just love my moms Lavender? I was just worried cause I know there are some flowers/trees that can hurt them if they eat them. She hasn't ate any that I've noticed just Really loves to jump in them & sniff them & roll next to them.. 

Do any of your corgi's like flowers OR anything like that.. Lol 

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Sparty just loves to pee on mine! I discourage that but between him and the deer it is survival of the fittest in my yard! Both of mine love roll in fresh cut grass. At least Lavender smells good.
My Murphy LOVES flowers! They barely get a chance to bloom before he wolfs them down. His favorite are pansies (he ate an entire pot full) but he also likes cosmos, roses, nasturtiums, and purple snail vine. I do have lots of lavender, but he hasn't touched them. I'd get mad at him but.... it's just so darn cute!
Frosty loves to smell our Daffodils. As soon as they came up, he has been over there everyday. He never eats them, just walks around in them smelling every individual flower.
Our two boys, both about 9 years old (They are rescues, so age is approx) decided to eat the flowering kale last fall. Not only did they eat the leafy part, but dug up and ate the roots! Lucky, who we have had the longest, has been known to dig carrots in the garden once he discovered that they were food - now we have raised beds too high for a corgi! If the deer hadn't broken through the fence and eaten the strawberries down to the roots, I am sure that the boys would have decimated the strawberry pot on the deck last summer. Nothing is up yet where we live, so they are going for the grass. It's nice to hear that others are having the same problem with their "kids" as we are.
I've heard that lavender has a soothing effect. I've got some growing now, when it blooms I'll have to see if Oliver likes it. :)
Izi loves flowers! Anytime my husband brings some home for me, she has her nose in them. We also encounter flowers on our regular walks and that's like the only time I have trouble with her. She too wants to dive bomb the flowers, lol.


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