Does your corgi only like particular dogs- does yours???

Suki is a pretty friendly dog however she seems to hate Cocker Spaniels and Pugs.

Does your corgi hate particular dogs too???

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My Viva barks like crazy when she sees large dogs, but I think she's just excited and wants to play. She especially likes pitbulls. She doesn't seem to friendly around smaller dogs though.
Wylie loves bigger dogs, but not anyone his own size. He gets into serious fights with my dad's beagle mix. When they are in the yard all is well, but in the house its another story.
Boscoe hates Chihuahuas, Pugs, Yorkies, etc...anything small and loud!! He absolutely loves the big dogs like Great Danes, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and his favorite running buddies are, of course, Greyhounds.
I think he might have Napoleon syndrome! LOL
Boomer hates poodles.. standards, miniatures and toys. She also hates pitbulls and almost started a fight with one at the dog park. It was her fault too.. the pitbull wanted to play with her and she tried to bite him. We left immediately. :)
he does not like chow chows, bulldogs, or pugs. i guess because they look different than most dogs. hes very ugly to them though! He also doesnt like meeting more than one new dog at a time. how silly
we have 5 dogs... the corgi, a dachshund, a lab/retriever, and 2 german shepherds. The corgi and the dachshund are always at odds and snapping at each other. When I took them to get them fixed I was telling the vet about it. He told me that by nature dachshunds and corgis are not compatable. Lily doesnt bother the big dogs they all play fine.. its just the dachshund!!!
Although Kirby has yet to find a dog he didn't like, he is especially fond of boxers for some reason -- he finds them and runs over to them everywhere we go!

Kirby even likes dogs who bark at him or seem aggressive, he just looks at them with a confused expression like "don't you want to play? why are you making so much noise?"


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