Edison is currently 10 weeks old and he lifts his leg each time he pees. It's really cute, but at the same time since his legs are so short, it's kind of difficult to tell if he peed or not. The only way I know for sure is by checking the fur on the tip of his penis to see if it turned yellow, lol.

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My female corgi squats and lifts her leg at the same time.  Funny but cute... 

OMG!  That's exactly what Katie does!

When Bentley was little, I also used to pick him up to see if he had gone. I know what you mean by checking for a wet spot. I always used to tell Bentley, "let me check." He used to have this look on his face as if he was saying, "what is she doing?" He never lifted his leg till he got older. When your pup gets older he will probably lift his leg. Bentley switches between his left and right leg. Corgis legs are short so, they won't lift very high. Bentley doesn't lift very high Mostly because he isn't marking his territory. Females squat.
Becca lifts her leg to pee most of the time. She will pee more on a walk than some male dogs.

I noticed that with Wally as well.   I'm attributing this to "marking of the territory" but not sure if Corgi care about that stuff.    :)    He usually has one big pee at the beginning of the walk and then 3-4 more small ones in an hour or an hour and half walk.


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