Zed is not a quiet walker. He stomps everywhere he goes. Anyone else have a Corgi that is less than light on their feet? If so, is your dwarf dog a danger to stonehenge?

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Most of our house is carpeted, but I sure hear SId when he comes clomping down the stairs! It sounds more like a herd of buffalo rather than a single little corgi!
Gibson walks around like a bulldog haha. I really noticed it when we were watching my parents labrador retriever.. she was so quiet when she walked!
LO glides like a ballerina.
My Ein prances around the house. Sometimes, he sluggishly walks when awoken from a nap. And he runs like there's no tomorrow...like a bunny. The only sound I hear when he walks is the sound of his name tag and his license clashing together on his collar. And also the faint tapping sound made by his nails hitting the floor.
Zed gets around just fine. He's just not a prancer. You never have to worry about him sneaking up on you though.
Le-Le is really loud. With hard wood floors and no carpet we hear her running from room to room jumping down from our bed which is not very high. She is not really graceful except outside running thru the trees and bushes.
Algy's feet are like little stumps and he drags his right foot when he walks. We sometimes make fun of his big, hoary toes (but we love him so much!)! I think his little knees are just too knobby - he's definitely not in any danger of sneaking up on anything! Put him on stage, and he WOULD be a danger to Stonehenge!!
So long as his drummer doesn't spontaniously combust I'd love to see his show.


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