I have two pembroke corgis, Toby and Ginger. We adopted both of them so we don't know too much about their history but Toby is full size and Ginger is about 10lbs underweight (so we think she might be mixed with something else). But when Ginger is excited she wags her little nub like there is no tomorrow and it is the funniest thing! Toby on the other hand never wags his nub. Does your corgi wag his nub? Do you know what might cause this kind of behavior?


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KC starts with the nub, then it goes up the body until her body is shaking it is so funny.
My pem has his tail, and boy it goes a mile a minute. You can see it waving with sheer joy in his sheep herding video!
Yes! Trice wags his nub as if he had a tail. It's the cutest thing.
Caleb wags his nub! It's one of my favorite things that he does, next to sleeping on his back with his mouth open and his paws in the air! hehehehehe!
Mine wags his nub so hard that sometimes his whole bunny butt wiggles along with his nub with happiness! It's really cute!
Max wags his nub so hard his butt starts wagging and his back side moves.
Nub wagging is my absolute favorite thing Gibson does! Me and my husband always are trying new things that will make him do it :)
Theo's nub is all aflutter whenever he sees another dog, or another new person, or when we're playing fetch. Pretty much anything he loves to do gets his nub going. It's the cutest thing ever. Maybe Toby is missing some kind of sensitivity there relating to the docking? That's so sad. :(
NUB WAGGIN!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!
How about this, do you guys know if your corgis are naturally tailless or if they had their tails docked? My suspicion is that Toby naturally has no tail and that Ginger's tail was docked which is why she tries to wag it but Toby doesn't.

And yes Gingers wag turns into a whole body wag that is hilarious.
My dog has no nub... at all. Her tail was docked when she was 3 days old according to her breeder. If it was up to us, we would've loved to have her tail... butt, she shakes her butt like she has a tail. You can actually see her butt goes side to side, then to a whole body!
They are generally not naturally tailless, but I've heard that some are born that way. Most have their tails docked at 3-4 days of age.

Sidney said "no thanks, I'm keeping mine" ;-)

I'm sure the breeders on this site will provide more accurate info for you on this thread soon.


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