I mentioned this in another post, and am curious about people's experiences.

Jack (as I've mentioned) is our 2.5 year old male Corgi who we've had since a pup.

From the time he was just a little guy, if you yell "Ow!' (say you stub your toe, or clunk your head), Jack comes running and tries to jump up and lick you. And if Madison, our other dog, reverse sneezes, Jack comes running over to check it out and looks very upset.

Maddie is nearly five and has only been here just over a month, so admittedly she's probably not as bonded to us yet. Well, if someone hurts himself, Maddie... could care less. For example:

The other day I was upstairs and my husband banged his knee into the corner of the cabinet. Well, you know how much that hurts. I went trotting downstairs to see what was up, and there is Jack, hovering around him, asking if he can get anything (maybe some ice, or a Band-aid?), or help out in any way. Worried look, furrowed brow, all out of sorts till I finally said "Shawn, please let the dog know you're ok!"

And Maddie? Was lying in her crate, thinking maybe someone would come around and give her a treat later.

The funny thing is, Maddie is the lap dog/cuddler and Jack is the one who doesn't usually like to be petted. Moreover, I was always under the impression (apparently wrong) that the females are more sensitive.

Just wonder what other people's Corgis are like.

Jack would definitely try to pull Timmy out of the well, then bring him tea and cookies and a nice comfy blanket.

Maddie? Not so much.

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For some reason on this computer I can't respond to an individual post, only to a topic, sooo...

Bev, you are so right about hugging! It's also bad dog manners to go straight to the top of a dog's head, from the front, to pet him. Jack hates it and will pull his head back and look at us like we are crazy, BUT with toddlers/old people etc he seems to have decided to make an exception and excuse their "bad manners." LOL With us, he gives us the weird look. I watched him play with his best dog pal and noticed she'd chew on his head and he'd grin and slobber, so now if I want to pet him I scratch his head (from the back) really hard, or massage the loose skin on his neck really hard, and that he likes.

Maddie, very human submissive, will let you do anything to her; she thinks it's just her lot in life to be squeezed, hugged, approached from the front, etc, and actually seems to like her head being petted.

Maria, yes I think reverse sneezing is normal enough. It can be alarming if it goes on for a long time. You can try massaging Shiro's throat or covering his nose with your hand for a few seconds and that sometimes interrupts it. Not sure what causes it, but I've seen quite a lot of dogs do it, and I think it looks worse to us than it really is to the dog.
Interesting question. Kirby always comes to me when I start sneezing (allergies, so multiple sneezes are the norm), looking very concerned. when Kirby sneezes, Cricket gets seemingly mad and barks at him! When we give them baths, Kirby always comes by the tub and hops to check on Cricket getting bathed. When we take her out and are rubbing on her with towels to dry her off, Kirby comes over and licks her like he's trying to dry her too.


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