Anyone tried to make a dog popsickle?

Loki loves eating ice cubes so I was thinking, if I had a fowl carcass or some standing roast bones, maybe I could make stock and freeze it for a sort of flavoured ice cube for him.

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I thought it odd but my last two Corgis love ice chips (at cocktail hour). You can lead Winnie to water but she rarely drinks but seems to prefer her liquid to be small ice chips. I learned this from the Same with my previous Corgi (Bandit).

I make a bone broth out of turkey wings and legs and add chopped up carrots, celery and kale to it.  I then put the mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze.  Once frozen, I pop them out of the tray and put in a plastic freezer bag and keep a bunch on hand.  I can either give the pups a frozen cube for a treat or melt it and pour it on their dinner.  Really good nutrition and they love it!   You can google how to make bone broth.  The veggies I saute so they are a little cooked before I put them in the broth. 

You can make a mixture of ripe banana and yogurt and freeze in ice cube tray.

I used to give plain old ice cubes to the German shepherd. The corgis seem less interested in those.

But...hmmm... Broth-flavored dogsicles...thats a great idea. The only concern I'd have is that it might make a bracing mess to clean up if the dog brought it inside. Possibly chill the stock well before freezing, to make the fat solidify on the surface so you can lift it off?

Canned broth has an awful lot of salt in it. Making your own might be best for the doggles.

I have made broth based popsicles by pouring the broth into ice cube trays. Just don't use onions when making the broth. I also make frozen yogurt pops. When I have mushy bananas and don't feel like baking banana bread, I mash them up, then mix with plain, low fat Greek yogurt and spoon into ice cube trays. Once frozen, I pop them out of the tray and store in a plastic freezer zipper bag and dole them out one at a time. These freeze solid. Poppy comes running whenever she hears the freezer open! She loves them. 


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