dont know what this is:( WARNING:male part!!! i do apologize

sorry for posting this but i really dont know what this bump is on his "male part" is, after he got neutered the one incision on his tummy has healed perfectly (where the un descended testicle was) but the one where the other was suppose to be has had a hard time healing. there is a scar but now i have noticed a pimple like thing on his penis and hasn't gone away and now there is black spot on the side of it, i hope u can see it. he wouldn't hold still, its been there for a week or little more and flakes at the sides sometimes. has this happen to anyones corgi before? it dosnt seem to bother him and i put some neosporan on it and he didnt flinch or anything

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no one knows????
It could be an ingrown hair from when the hair grew back after surgery. You might want to get it checked out though.
Could be a stitch under the skin that is infected. Have the vet check it out.
Since the picture is out of focus, I'm gonna guess ant bite :)
Call your vet. They will answer your questions over the phone for free. They want you to call if there are any issues like this after neutering. Then, if it is something serious, they can let you know that you need to bring him in.
it could be an internal suture reaction. When my chihuahua was spayed she had a reaction to some of the stitches they used inside and got a little bump on her belly and there was a black spot at one point which was the suture starting to come through the skin. Usually your vet will be more than happy to take a peek and see what it is for free or super cheap. The bump eventually went away on my pup (though she still has a bit of a scar). I'd have the vet look to make sure antibiotics aren't needed.
thanks everyone, i would love to take him to the vet i got him neutered at but it was in SC:( i called around to the vets that are somewhat close and wouldn't tell me anything but to come in and it would be about $100 and we just payed the bills and dont have the money until next week. normally it wouldn't be a problem but i lost my job since we moved
well i have some good news. i called around and also the SPCA where i have gotten him fixed at and they said it is normal for that to happen and will go away in a few weeks. as long as its not oozing or have any discharge we are good:)


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