I am at my wit's end, trying to get Duncan's nails trimmed. The last time we tried at the vet's; it took 3 of us to try and hold him still enough, and even then we didn't get all of them done. He was just too stressed out.
I've tried everything I can think of to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible, but no luck. He puts up such a fight, I'm afraid he'll end of hurting himself or someone.
So, I've decided to have him knocked out, that way they can trim his nails as close as possible with the least amount of stress. I know it sounds drastic, but it's my last option. The vet suggested a pill to give him first over the phone before the procedure, until he found out the dog was a corgi. Seems the pills aren't good or don't work well for corgis. So, he'll be knocked out completely, nails trimmed, and then given a shot to wake him up.
What we do for our little furkids.

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Have you had an evaluation with a veterinary behaviorist?
I'll second Katy on the professional groomer. They have more equipment, the high tables help. I think sedating the dog completely can become a trap later (health issues, the "something can go wrong factor", higher vet bills, etc.). (Again, my personal opinion, I am not comfortable with the idea)( I am a chicken.)

Try a dremmel or the "pedi-paws" and "peti-cure". Nala hates trimming her nails. The dremmel is more "tolerable" for her, but still hates it. It takes time to getting used to the buzzing of the motor, but at least she doesn't act like a bronco in a rodeo anymore. She looks at me with the "Why I have to be suffering this cruelty?Why?" look.
Well, I know where you are coming from, the same procedure was discussed for Wyatt but we decided not to have it. We have been going to this women in Chemsford Ma, who is great...Wyatt has to be tackled by my boyfriend and put into a headlock while the groomer gets his nails. Scott has been bit trying to actually pick up Wyatt because he is so terrified. Once its done hes fine, she tries to go as fast as possible so its less stress on him. The place we go to is Pampered Paws, this lady is great, she said she has never refused and accomplished a nail trimming except for 1 that was a German Shepard that was so mean it would have killed her.

When I consulted my vet about the procedure where they put him to sleep and cut them, he said to not do this more than 2 times a year at the most. Otherwise make sure to keep him walking in the summer time on the ground to wear the nails down.

Good luck.
DIRR had a good suggestion, try the pedi-paws since it worked really well for two dogs who were phobic about getting their nails touched. After the initial adjustment period, they just tolerated the pedi-paws enough that their owners were able to file their nails down to an acceptable length. Also, could Duncan have an issue with his paws getting touched? i had a yellow lab that refused to let anyone touch her paws and would snarl and growl when you got near them. If thats the case, you can try working with him to allow you to touch his paws. try a soft touch at first until he stops pulling his paw away, gradually work up towards massaging the paws and using a firmer touch, then start "pinching" the nails so he can get used to pressure on them. This helped my yellow lab alot and she eventually allowed people she knew to touch her paws.
I am now on my second corgi and my suggestion would to get him use to his feet being touch. When you are playing when he is sleeping just rub his feet so he gets use to his paws being touch. then gently while he is asleep start to trim.What type of trimmer are you using. We just switch from the Guillotine type trimmer to the on the looks more like scissors and we like this one a lot better. I think the thing would be to get his paws use to being touch and reward, then move to sleeping and trimming and reward. Hope tings work out.
Dee Dee used to have fears over nail trimming too. I don't know if her fear transferred to me or the other way around, but she would struggle a lot. After 2 tries, and not being able to finish all the nails, we switched to dremmel. Back then, there were no products like pedi-paws. These products slowly grinds their nails, so if they make a sudden move, there's no danger. It might be less stressful for you and your dog. Only issues I had with dremmel was that when I had long hair, it got caught on the rotating section... ouch! After that, I learned to put my hair up when dremmel-ing my dog! Good luck!
Duncan acts just like your dog, Katie. You'd think he was being slaughtered. My husband has had to get Duncan in a headlock, just like Erica's boyfriend has to. It so frustrating. The vet was hoping to give him a pill to sedate him a little, but when he found out that Duncan was a corgi, he decided against it. Something about the pill not working or not safe with corgis. This was related to my husband while I was with my ill mother. I'll find out more tomorrow what the problem with the pills are. The funny part, I gave my name about making an appointment for a dog's nail trim; asking about sedating the dog first (I have two dogs.) First words out of the vet tech's mouth "this is for Duncan, right? So, as you can see, he has a rep there at the vet's about his nail getting trimmed.

I plan on doing it this time only, and try and find a good reliable groomer. I don't know anyone that takes their dogs to a groomer for them to recommend one to me.

I just tried the Pedipaws this weekend, which is what made me decide to have him knocked out. I did what the video said to get them use to the Pedipaws. He would walk up and even touch it with his nose while running, you can even put it on his paws. But, as soon as you touch a nail with it, he yelps and attempts to bite, something he has never done before.

I've tried the massaging of the feet while asleep, but the minute his feet are touched, he's up and running. I believe a lot of his issues is because the people I got him from didn't do a lot of handling when he was little. My first corgi, I knew her from the day she was born. My neighbors had bred their corgi and I got to be over there about everyday to play with the puppies. Wishing I could afford one. So, imagine my shock when they gave me the dog corgi my 16th birthday!!!!!
Clipping her nails was a piece of cake. You could just pick up her feet and she would stand there while you did them.

Even with his issues, I wouldn't trade him for the world. Just try to correct them or work around them. At the moment, working around is the way I am going.
Sophie hates getting her nails trimmed. Like others here, it takes two of us to do the job. My husband has to hold her while I trim. We do this every two weeks. Sometimes it's like wrestling an alligator. She has to be muzzled because she will bite when frightened, and between her trying to get out of the muzzle and squirming around because of the nail trim, this is no easy task. My groomer, who Sophie visits every couple of months, told me to put her up on a table rather than down on the floor for her trim...we have tried this and it seems to help. Still, I wish I didn't have to do this job at all!
Me too -- if Bertie's in a deep, deep sleep, and I touch his paws, he will leap straight up in the air, even before his eyes are fully open! But once he calms down, he puts up with the indignity of have his paws pawed. I've seen the Pedi-Paw on TV -- is it really useful? Did you buy it via the commercial or on the website?
We have a lab/dane mix named Chester who will NOT let anyone touch his feet. We tried groomer after groomer who confidently stated "we can handle him" who could not. We finally took him to the California Dog Groomers School in a nearby town. He was a classic example to the students of what they may encounter. They had to muzzle Chester but they got the job done. Also, when he had his dental and was knocked out anyway, the vet gave him a good nail trim.

Wouldn't you know it, the dog that hates to have his feet touched is the same dog whose nails grow like crazy. Neither Sidney nor our corgi mix Bruce ever need their nails cut, probably because we walk around 2 miles on asphalt 3-4 times a week. Yet Chester takes the same walk and it does not keep his nails short. And neither Sidney nor Bruce mind having their feet massaged. Go figure.
Camber puts up a fight sometimes too. The groomer at our Petco was pretty good; but it comes down to the groomer; not where they work. The harness and table certainly make it easier to do.

Some suggestions would be: exercising your dog until he's are ready to crash. He may not put up as big a fuss. Walking the dog on street. Camber's nails get worn down each walk, so there's little to cut.

Perhaps your dog is feeling your nervous energy as well? Dropping off the dog may fair better too.
I kinda had the same thing happen when I took Spartan to the vet for his first nail trimming. My vet recommended I rub his paws so he can get use to having his paws handled so, when he's sleeping or on my bed before bedtime I rubbed his paws and he got use to it. My vet showed me how to trim his nails and what clippers were best and I was pretty nervous the first time I trimmed them myself. I first groomed him which he just get's so relaxed and it made it so much easier to trim his nails after a good grooming. He didn't even notice I trimmed them.


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