Hallo Corgi lovers!! Im not trying to ruin anyones day, or sound incredibly morbid, but I wanted to know if anyone else has any doggie nightmares.  Recently, Ive had nightmares about Pa'ani getting hurt, run over by a car, eaten by a shark, stabbed with a wooden steak and even shot with an arrow.  I know I get nightmares if I eat dinner after 8 or stress out, but I cant control all of my nightmares.  Does anyone have dreams like these?

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My boyfriend has dreams about Odin...

...eating poisonous mushrooms
...getting hit by a car
...getting swept out in the ocean
...getting ill

aahhh! its scares me:(
I have dreams about Waffle/other corgis that aren't Waffle but are supposedly my dog getting loose, running away, getting stuck, getting lost, getting fat, turning into less desirable animals, etc... What's weird is that I don't even own Waffle yet.
When we first got Stanley, I always had crazy dreams about him getting loose and being in danger of running into the street or attacked by another dog. I'd always wake my boyfriend Robin up and tell him to go check on Stanley. Luckily those dreams have subsided now. It's very unnerving!
I've had two bad dreams about Roxi.. the first one was she got hit by a car and I think that's because this area people just don't look.. especially in the housing areas.. STOP SPEEDING OVER SPEED BUMPS AUGH!

the other bad dream I had was when we got Charlie and was getting used to him. I had heard bad stories of corgis getting along around their parents but when they left the kids fought... so the dream consisted of Charlie killing Roxi while I was at work and coming home to a bloody mess :(

yea its morbid... thank goodness they get along lol.
The only thing I had nightmares about is having dozens of corgis and being on the floor playing with all of them at the same time LOL
Oh boy, do I! They usually are about one of the dogs getting out into the street and being run over. In my dreams I'm out looking for him and then I find him dead or dying in the road, and I'm screaming at the cars to stop so I can go into the road and get him. It's horrible and I wake up crying whenever I have a dream like that.

I actually did have one dog (Peaches, a husky/lab mix) who dug out of the yard and was hit and killed on our street. A neighbor got my number from her tag and called me at work. The neighbor was kind enough to pull her out of the road and carry her body to my house. And then Sidney once got loose and ran into the road. He ran face first into a moving car and luckily only lost two teeth. So I guess I know where my nightmares stem from, and why I'm so terrified of them getting into the street.
I had a dream once that Algy was walking across a frozen pond and fell through the ice and sank. I dove in to save him. Waking up, I was so upset. It felt so real. I can still remember the dream like it was...10 minutes ago.

I don't think it's strange or weird. Morbid, maybe. But sometimes when you love them, you worry.
I actually had a dream not too long ago about having to give lance to a shelter. and in the same dream came home with a different dog :O In my dream, I went back either later that night or the next day to go get Lance back, cause it just didnt seem right!! I asked if they had any corgis at the shelter and they said they had lots. When they brought out Lance to me I knew it was him because of his heart shaped spot on his side!!! That was one crazy dream :O
Thanks so much everyone that replied! It makes me feel so much better that Im not the only one that has these crazy dreams. Theyre so horrible, but it must be because we love them so much! THANKS AGAIN!
I do. They are vivid, in color and seem very real. Wake up crying. I don't remember them right now. I hate those dreams. Almost all my dreams are very vivid, in color and seem very very real. I have them about everything: People I know, animals I know, me. I have them all the time. I hate it. I usually remember my dreams too.
I just had a dream about Baxter the other night! There was a huge tarantula hanging from the light fixture over the table. It jumped on his head and I screamed. I think he ate/killed it though. It was a the first dream I've ever had with him in it!


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