Two animal help and rescue sites that are providing help for animals in Japan are:

One of the Organization that supports is:


Here is another site that helps animals

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Thanks for posting :-)
Great post...let's keep this going everyday so we can help our 4 legged friends! Thanks for posting Lois:)
I would really like to see people doing this site too:) Whether for Japan or at home....we are helping out our 4 legged friends in need:) Just think how much we could get donated if we did this everyday!!!!

You can sign up at FREEKIBBLE, they will send you an email everyday to remind you to go to

their site.  I have used the other Animal Rescue site for years but would forget and that is so sad

because you can help then by just clicking.  So the FREEKIBBLE can remind me to do both.

Their question today included a Corgi in the answers so of course, I answered Corgi which was wrong

but it still donated the 10 pieces of kibble.  I also think that you can go to these sites as often as

you want, especially FREEKIBBLE.

Can't get any easier than that...Thanks! ps...I also awnsered that wrong but I didn't answer the Corgi!
The eerie part in all this, is I knew the correct answer.  It was a Flatcoated Retriever named Jet. :D

I was wrong about going to FREEKIBBLE more than once a day.  It informed me that I had been

there before and to come back tomorrow.

How does a "no cost" rescue site work? There's always a cost. Are there ads on the site to support it? What's the deal?

Generally, there are commercial sponsors such as companies that produce pet food.  For more extensive

support for all types of animals and situations the Animal Rescue site offers a variety of ways for us to help.

You can make direct donations, buy from their store and sign petitions, etc.


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