Does anyone use the Easy Walk harness for their corgi? We have been using one for about a week and it has really helped with our dog's pulling issues. But, I can't seem to get it to fit right because sometimes when I have to pull back on her (if she is going after a squirrel for example), it will spin around enough on her body so that on of her legs comes out, and basically becomes useless. Has anyone had success with this harness? Can anyone recommend other harnesses that might work better with the corgi frame?

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I had trouble with my puppy pulling against the collar. The Obedience instructor wanted collars, not harnesses, for training. I got a "prong/pinch" collar and it was amaziing. Riley immediately did not pull anymore. It doesn't "stick" into his neck and you can put it on your arm and feel what it does. They say it is like a mama dog grabbing them by the neck and disciplining them as pups. It needs to be fitted properly. Everyone in our class, that used the pinch collar, had very good response. If you give just one jerk, they shape up. Hard headed dogs really respond to it much better than a "choke" collar. Good luck!
Problem with prong collars many people put them on wrong, when was the last time you saw momma dog going for the throat of the neck and not the top of the neck. Also its a training tool its shouldn't be on for a life time just like head collar, anti-pull harness, choke or even treats. Also dogs in correction collars learn to respect the collar not the human.
very much agreed. i honestly use a harness every time i go out for a walk just because i do not trust collars. after teddys broke while on a walk in a busy street and seeing him almost hit, i never use just a collar so what i have done instead was i taught him how to walk properly in a harness and i have never had a not trying to open a can of worms so to speak but i personalty dont like or believe in using choke/prong collars because some people just dont use them right. also "testing" it on your arm is way different than testing it on your neck. the neck is a very sensitive. its has many nerve endings and blood vessels and over long periods of time the wind pip could collapse due to the choke chain or the dog associates the sensation to what ever its experiencing such as the walk and could become afraid.

like i said i am not trying to make anyone mad but thats just how i feel about it
i agree with you about choke chains and prong collars.. my Carly had a bad experience with the choke chain..
I am not sure about harnesses, but I found that The Gentle Leader works wonderfully on my corgi! She used to pull very hard, but after 10 mins with the gentle leader she was walking by my side leash loose.
The leader uses very VERY slight corrections... so you don't feel like you are yanking or hurting your dog. Plus, it comes with a dvd that shows you how to fit and use it properly.

hope this helps:
Dixie Does great on her gentle leader. I trained her with it and even when I take it off of her she is still really good on the leash.
i recommend the head collar since the easy walk harness isnt working out for you. i have seen wonderful results for this:)
sorry when I Frist responded it was ealy lol so what I meant to put in was think of how powerful a horse is but u can lead and control them with there head. Same concept with the head collar. When she does pull she will spin her head around and she will not like that. In the end she will learn over time that when she pulls that will happen to her. U can even correct her if she does something u do not like
I use these in class. There's a trick to it. Put it on upside down. I know it sounds stupid, but it works! For example, if you have the black one, it has a gray side that's supposed to go under the front legs. Spin it around and put the gray on the top. Tighten the gray shorter than the black so it pulls the front up higher. Then tighten the front all the way. Promise it works! Email me if you need help.

This was the best tip I've ever received in terms of fitting the easy walk harness to a Corgi! I've tried several times over the years to fit an easy walk harness to my Corgi but was never satisfied given the unique physicality Corgis have. Thank you for posting your tip here! I hope anyone having trouble with it is lucky enough to read your post.

Let me share another with y'all.  If you really want to teach your dogs to walk nicely on a leash, there is a method I use in class and with practice it works well.  First, any of you who have seen Victoria Stillwell on "It's me or the dog" has seen her change directions when a dog pulls.  Here's the hitch: a dog will begin to anticipate the direction change and simply pull the opposite direction.

If you have kids and have trained them to stay with you in the store, this adaption of that method will make perfect sense to you.  Make the directional change random.  Don't just go the opposite direction.  Sometimes turn left. Sometimes right. Sometimes a diagonal.  Sometimes around in a circle.  Always different. 

When you train your kids, you keep them close.  When you go one way and they go another, you get their attention and encourage them to follow.  Same with the dog!  Walking down the street and the dog races ahead.  I say, "nope" or "this way" and LURE them to follow.  After a few sessions, my dogs follow me perfectly.  I even walked my puppy the other night for my class with the leash dragging behind using this method.

Use your Easy Walk and this method and you'll have a great dog walk in no time at all!  And eventually you will remove the Easy Walk and enjoy walking your dog on leash/collar!


i use the easy walk harness its great!! and ive tried them ALL... the choke chain, she never would stop puling , the prong collar, which i thought worked awesome but it came loose right in the middle of our walk unexpectedly and she was free to run..scary, and the gentle lead, she got out of that one too...
Here lately though when im in a hurry i dont put anything on just her leash and she has been doing much better, Praise the Lord !!
i think shes finally learning what don't pull means, shes ten months.. i have to say it is better than it was..


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