I've looked and looked through the discussions and haven't read an answer to this question (that I could find, anyway). Emma is 9 weeks old; we've had her since she was 6 weeks old. She's doing great, and we love every minute with her. We have 2 cats that she insists on chasing around. What's strange is that when the cats hiss and bat at her, Emma slinks down as low as she can get, ears down, staying very still, then proceeds to go after the cat again. She is relentless! It almost looks like she's afraid of the cats and is assuming a submissive stance, but then she won't give up chasing them. We have another dog, a shih tzu/cocker mix who's 9, and once the cats swiped at her a time or two when she was a puppy, she left them alone. (The cats are quite old - 14 and 17.)

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Ever heard of herding? Cats are difficult so they take a lot of trying. She's apparently found her calling, now if she can just get those dumb cats to obey, she'll have it made.
I know about the herding instinct, and we wondered if that was what it was, but I didn't know she would seemingly "submit" (for lack of better words) to the cats.
It sure is funny to watch her doing this. My elderly cats don't know what to think! She tries to herd our other dog, but Phoebe takes it in stride. At this point, Phoebe is the bigger dog, so she just drags Emma around when Emma grabs hold of her. She's such a good natured dog - Emma crawls all over her, and she could care less.
HaHa! The cats just don't get it!
My 16 month old pup goes into that stance when we are out on walks -- it's not submissive, really. She crouches down very low in the leaf litter (sadly, tick central!) and then leaps out and pounces on my 5 year old Corgi as he trots by. It cracks me up EVERY time she does it -- I've taken to humming the theme from Jaws! To be really submissive (and here I defer to many others on this site who know a lot about dog behavior), I think that dogs usually turn on their backs or sides and show their bellies. This crouching thing for herding is something different.
Hello, Mini does the same thing. i have 5 cats and she will chase all of them around barking constantly. The 2 cats got her good in the nose and THAT didn't stop her either...my other cats have no front claws so they bat at her but no harm done so i think mini is used to them more. One of my cats (Jade) is a manx so she is bigger than Mini and those 2 get along the best...but she will still chase her around too. Maybe she is confused about what they are...Mini is going to be 6 months in April, so i hope once she gets fixed she will chill out a bit. Oh...she loves to bite at their tails....she might be jealous! LOL
Heehee! Our cats are both fully armed too, and that hasn't stopped Emma yet either.

Thanks for the answers! Having a corgi is sure a lot of fun. She's by far the smartest dog I've ever had! Wow!
I have 5 cats also , the oldet being 15,my corgi Wilf is almost 1yr old and he has been chasing them all since the day we brought him home at 7wks. I have to say that they all give as good as they get with Wilf and if theyve had enough they just jump up on the side out of his way!!!
Pixie did this. When she started to get as big as the cats she got worse. We still have a time keeping her away from the cats. Our Bengal will spar with her for a bit (as evidenced in my pics), but even he gets tired of her. She won't let up. We put up low gates so the cats could have some breathing room. It works most of the time and might be something you could consider.
Yeah, two of my cats avoid Gatsby, but one of my cats loves to have little sparring matches with him. Gatsby always growls and barks and sneaks around when he sees Franklin the cat, and Franklin pretends not to notice him right up until he bops the puppy on the nose.
Bonnie does the same thing, but only with one of the two cats, it like she thinks it's a game or she wants to heard him? It is really odd. Now any time the cat is near the dog he takes a swat at her
After 6 months of togetherness, Bandit (the corgi) is still chasing after Sesame (the cat). Sesame would get so annoyed that she would swipe at him, but i also know that sometimes she's really asking for it! She would be on the couch, looks down at the dog, stretches for a while, caaasually swings her tail IN FRONT of the dog, and then jumps down with her butt in the dog's face. Duh, of course Bandit would immediately chase after her. And then the swiping starts all over again. I am telling you, sometimes it is just not the dog's fault. =)


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