Pancho was neutered on Tuesday, spent the night at the vet, and I picked him up Wednesday morning. He had an undescended testicle that they had to look for and now has the most gruesome looking 8-10 inch stitched up cut on his stomach with significant bruising. They gave me enough pain medication for 1 and a half days (they gave him some the morning i picked him up so all in that would be 3 days of pain medicine.

I wish I had a picture of the incision site and bruising. I was so busy talking to the vet when they discharged him that i didn't flip him over to look at it. When i got home I flipped him over and nearly fainted.

Am I crazy? If this surgery was done on a person they'd be taking narcotic pain killers for at least 2 weeks. My vet is fantastic and she did the surgery but a different person discharged him. could this be an oversight?

Has anyone else experienced this type of surgery with their corgi or something pretty invasive that required only a small amount of pain killers?

Thanks for your help.

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I didn't have this experience when I neutered Theo because his testicles were both dropped I guess? They gave me three days of pain medicine. The first day he definitely needed it, the second day he probably could have gotten by without it, but I gave it to him to just make sure he was comfortable. The third day I skipped it because he was totally fine (believe me, when he was in pain, he let us know, big time). Maybe 3 days is the normal amount, more invasive or less invasive? You could always see how Pancho is doing on day 2. If he still seems like he's in pretty bad shape, call you vet and ask about more pain medicine. If he seems like he's on the road to recovery, then they probably gave you the right amount. It's amazing how fast these little guys heal!
they didn't give me any pain medication when neeka was spayed.


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