I am passing this along for my friend, whose corgi has EPI.

EPI is Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. This means the pancreas is not producing the enzymes needed to break down food and absorb nutrients from it. A dog with EPI can eat and eat and literally starve to death. EPI is mostly found in collies and German Shepherds, but corgis (and any other breed) can also have this condition.
If you want to help, please use the contact info in the message below. Thank you!

"Attention all Corgi owners"
In an effort to assist Dr. Leigh Ann Clark at Clemson University Genetics Dept with her EPI Genetics project... and that EPI happens in all breeds........ we are trying to find more affected Corgi's to participate in the genetic study via cheek swab samples. Interested owners can contact Dr. Clark's assistant, Jacquelyn, directly at:   jacquee@clemson.edu   and she will mail you cheek swabs, instructions, an informed consent form, and a pre-addressed and stamped envelope to return the samples and signed consent form to the Clark lab.
Dr. Clark also needs control samples from Corgis 8 years or older who have not been diagnosed with EPI and have not (to their knowledge) affected relatives - -so if you know of any non-related, non-EPI, 8 years or older Corgi dogs that would consider participating in this study, again, please contact Dr. Clark's assistant, Jacquelyn.

Thanks everyone for helping out with this!

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Maddie will be 8 in December, and she certainly has no problems with putting on weight when she eats! Perhaps I will contact them; I'm confident there are not sick dogs in her family.   Thanks for spreading the word!

My corgi will be one may 7th. We are currently trying to figure out what is wrong with him. He has all the symptoms of EPI. We are going to get him tested soon to find out. 


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