We are getting ready to add a third corgi to our herd. Mostly just looking at the moment, but I'm trying to get a good feel out for breeders, since there are none close to me. I had someone reccomend Denning Farms to me, but I haven't heard much about them. Any opinions?

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I will be completely honest with you; if it's the same Denning Farms that is on this site: http://www.denningfarms.com/ then STAY AWAY. Huge red flags going up just from their front page - a reputable breeder will focus on one, maybe two breeds tops. These people have multiple breeds and on top of it, they're intentionally creating "designer mixes" or in other words, mutts - and selling them.

I would avoid them like the plague. This reeks of people who are in it for the money and probably have incredibly poorly bred dogs as a result of it.

** Check petfinder.com if you're looking to rescue/adopt, or consult the breeder list of the official PWCCA here: http://www.pembrokecorgi.org/memberlist.cfm. I assume you are interested in a Pem, of course. If that's not the case, then consult the list here: http://www.cardigancorgis.com/BreederDirectoryDisplay.asp?reg=0 for Cardigan breeders.

Good luck!

ooh, didn't realize they had a website, thanks! I have found a list of  breeders in Texas, but so far the closest one is a 4 1/2 hour drive (not a big deal though).

Well worth it if it's a good breeder :-)

I agree :)

I'm looking to breed my Pembroke male. I'v always wanted to breed him one day . All I want as far as stud fee is to keep just a puppy for myself. We live in Gainesville ,FL he has his papers.

There are a lot of things wrong with this post.

Number 1: 

Number 2: When you join this site, you agree to these terms below -

I understand rehoming and rescue adoption ads are encouraged on this site. Stud, mating services, selling or solicitation of puppy are strictly prohibited. Violation can result in lifetime ban from MyCorgi.com.


So I advise you to remove that post, pronto.

This is a post asking for input on breeders to find a puppy for my family, not an open invitation to stud out your male. Sorry if this is rude, but seriously. You should never breed your dog "just cause you want to".

rjs corgis in mn is awesome! Husband is a vet and i am very pleased with my klaus. U get weekly pictures and they can airmail your pup. They are on facebook and found them on petfinder.com akc pups

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm researching all options now, to find a breeder that is a good fit with us.

I really like Sevit's Corgi's. I got my little guy from there. I received weekly pictures, and Sara was wonderful and answered all of my questions.



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