Anyyone have experience with a collapsed lung? I've got a pal with a 3 year old female, diagnosed 3 days ago with anemia, treated with prednesone and docycline, then returned to the vet at my insistence to discover a collapsed lung.  No ready explanation for the anemia (not the autoimmune kind) but they think all of this is from ingesting rat poison. Lulu lives in a neighborhood with a fenced back yard and everyone is puzzled about all this.


just wondering if anyone has experience with recovery from a collapsed lung...she's a very healthty little girl  and her family is doing everything. they are, of course, devasted.

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Hi Vee, if the vet is suspecting poison ingestion, then he / she already ruled out hemorrhagic / iron-deficiency anemia / aplastic anemia, so that leaves only non immune mediated hemolytic anemia.

If it was an acute case, the vet would have prescribed her with cyclosporine or IV immunoglobin and NOT prednisone, so things look very promising. Make sure Lulu gets enough water / fluid / rest, you'll want to flush out the excess biliruibin from her kidneys. 

As far as collapsed lung goes, I'm assuming it was an indirect caused by blood loss / infection (doxycycline should clear that up), the vet might have given lulu oxygen and discharged her due to a very mild case, otherwise she would have given chest tube and required to stay there.

Good luck and a speedy recovery to Lulu!

Thanks so much, Sam.  Yes, Lulu was discharged with a course of 2 antibiotics and is eating a little...I suggested that they try some chicken broth to get her to take in more fluids. 


You are the BEST!  Thanks again.

I always want to expect the best of people but we have had some incidents in my city where neighbors have been charged with poisoning dogs. Its very sad. Hopefully this was just some random accident but just because she is in a fenced backyard doesn't mean she does not have access to poison. I know my corgis would accept food from strangers. I hope the best for Lulu and her family and I'm glad to hear the prognosis is good.

I"m sure this Corgi (and mine, as well) would accept food from a stranger.  the family is going nuts trying to figure out how this happened but personally, I think they'll never know.  Lulu is doing OK but not out of danger yet. She'll get the best care possible so we can only hope for the best outcome.  She's really a sweet little thing and everyone loves her madly.


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